How to Create an Effective Digital Marketing Plan

how to plan a digital marketing plan

If you don’t take into account all the factors that could affect the construction of a digital marketing plan. Especially starting without a previously developed plan or strategy.  Given that digital marketing may have a significant impact on a company, it is also crucial to get it right. For instance, businesses with blogs get 67% […]

Rebranding Your Business Without Losing Your Audience

rebranding your business

Having a recognised brand identity is vitally important for all business owners and entrepreneurs. Your image is everything. And sometimes, your business might not identify with the image it first started with. That’s why rebranding can save a company and help gain more traffic and sales. But, what about your existing customers? You don’t want […]

Marketing/Tech Sales Job in Doncaster!

Girl looking a Humana job advert on PC

We’re Hiring In Doncaster. Humana Ltd. is a growing marketing agency based in Doncaster Town Centre. As we continue to grow, we’re looking to expand our sales function – and welcome a number of new sales advisors to our team. As a Humana colleague, you’ll be supported fully as you learn all about B2B Marketing […]

How to Get Started With Small Business Marketing

local marketing company small business

Small business marketing involves striving to further market a company’s services. A local marketing company can help with this, but there is a wide range of factors to consider before beginning a digital marketing strategy. What Are the Challenges? For small businesses, there are challenges out there that larger companies may not experience. Especially if […]

Why Should Your Business Consider Traineeships?

benefits of traineeships

Have you ever considered traineeships for your business? These placements are ideal for businesses that cannot commit to long-term employment, but still want to help develop skills in their industry. Find out the benefits of hiring a trainee for your business and how it can help both the person and your company.  What is a […]

What is SEO Marketing?

what is seo marketing

All businesses should include an SEO marketing strategy if they want to see improvement on Google and other search engines. But, what exactly is SEO? Find out all you need to know here. What is SEO? Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is essentially creating content and fixing problems on a website to please Google and other […]

How to Plan a Digital Marketing Strategy

digital marketing strategy

When planning on improving your company’s online image, it is important to have a solid digital marketing foundation. You need to have high-quality content and an audience that will support your business. A digital marketing strategy should be implemented to help achieve this. But, where do you start? A digital marketing strategy can vary between […]

What is Emotional Marketing?

what is emotional marketing services

Emotional Marketing Emotional marketing uses human emotions to connect to its audiences. Whether this is happy, anger, fear… This strategy is primarily used to gain a reaction from its viewers, persuading them to further look through their products.  A company has many ways it can do this. For example, using current affairs and relating it […]

How Instagram Features can Benefit Marketing Services

instagram marketing services

Celebrating its 12th birthday this year, Instagram has become one of the most successful and most visited social media platforms. With over 1 billion users each month, the website has become a great way for businesses to market their services and incorporate it into their digital strategy. Marketing services help increase traffic to companies and […]

How Does Digital Marketing Influence a Consumer’s Behaviour?


It is safe to say the average adult spends most of the day online. Whether it is from looking at a computer screen during working hours, to scrolling through social media platforms on phones, our eyes are glued to the internet and its content. So, it is a good idea for businesses to make sure […]