Why Should Your Business Consider Traineeships?

benefits of traineeships

Have you ever considered traineeships for your business? These placements are ideal for businesses that cannot commit to long-term employment, but still want to help develop skills in their industry. Find out the benefits of hiring a trainee for your business and how it can help both the person and your company. 

What is a Traineeship?

Traineeships are skill development programmes that involve on-the-job training. They might run anything from 6 weeks to a year. Though most traineeships last around 6 months. 

Primarily, these placements provide young people with the chance to gain and develop skills; both specific to the industry and transferable (such as teamwork and communication). It also gives trainees the chance to obtain workplace experience, as they join an active situation. 

Upskill the Local Talent Pool

It’s important to develop skills for further development in certain industries. Sometimes, local governments will put certain schemes in to ensure that this problem is solved. Skills retraining and job creation should be prioritised, where the investment and interventions to achieve this can support people of all ages. And the businesses that are hiring the trainees.  It requires well-coordinated, locally responsive employment and skills offer.

Enhance Skills of Your Existing Workforce

As the trainees start, who’s going to train them? The government or Jobcentre will not provide a specific trainer to watch them closely. It will need to be one of your staff members. And this is an incentive in itself. Not only will the trainee learn new skills, but so will existing employees. They will teach them the basics; show them the ropes of the business and help develop their skills. 

Brand Exposure 

When it comes to brand exposure, traineeships are a great way to connect with the local community. Your business could work with local governments and Jobcentres, offering these placements is a great way to not only onboard new talent, but showcase your company as an institute that wants to help local people. Especially if they are young and just coming out of education. 

From this, your brand and subsequent logo can be featured on various vacancy sites and government schemes. And it also works the other way around; your company can advertise on their personal website that they do take on traineeships and are actively helping develop key skills in their specific industry. Businesses can even promote testimonials on their website from past or current trainees in an effort to not only persuade those to take it on but to show that these schemes do actually work.

Our Services

Humana is a digital marketing company based in Yorkshire that focuses on improving human relations and connections. Our business takes on traineeships in various sectors, including social media, SEO and graphic design. We want to help develop skills in young talent and create foundations for those wanting a job in the marketing industry.

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