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A Better Experience for Customers

Our mission is to provide comprehensive assistance for your business in the realm of digital creativity, catering to your specific needs and objectives.

Supporting a Digital Human Connection

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, we strive to bridge the gap between technology and human interaction.

Humana | Supporting digital human connection
Humana | We have a big vision for society

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Our Team

Pete Lowes Director of Humana Ltd



As the Founder of Humana’s group of businesses, my role has been to oversee the operations of our highly dependable and incredibly skilled team of Social Media Specialists, Sales Representatives, Web Designers, Content Creators and Graphic Designers.

As we move forward to take advantage of new and exciting opportunities, I’ll continue to do everything possible to ensure our future growth and success.

It’s very important to me that we grow to become a company that can significantly boost our economy and give back. As a business that provides marketing, lead generation and range of other services to hundreds of firms, we’ll do exactly that.

Faye Operations Manager


Head of Operations

I’m very excited to develop my career at Humana as the company goes through rapid growth. As Head of Operations, I’ll put my experience to work to ensure that we build process, accountability, and a fantastic culture that delivers outstanding results for our clients.

Kai Digital Marketing Manager


Digital Marketing Manager

While building my management capabilities prior to joining the business, I’ve worked with marketing and social media teams for a number of years. I’m excited to drive my career forward as Digital Marketing Manager for Humana!

Finance Manager Jordan


Finance Manager

I am a Coventry University economics graduate and a well-organised business administrator. I have previous experience working in administration roles within the finance industry. It is a pleasure to work in our ‘laid back’ but hard-working office at Humana. My role is to take a big picture view of our business and make sure the finer details are all in order to ensure the smooth running and success of our projects.

Elijah Web Developer Apprentice


Web Developer

As an aspiring web developer, I understand the cruciality of developing brands for a new digital era and I endeavour to offer my skill-set and expertise along the way. I’m always excited to utilise my skills through previous roles and grow my passion in digital marketing and web development.



I am a technically skilled and diligent member of the Humana Team. I’ll provide valuable assistance in implementing necessary functionality modifications to your website.

Advertising Expert Ruth


Advertising & Social Media Manager

With several years of marketing & advertising experience, I have a combined set of skills that allows me to create tailored made and enhanced strategies for every client; that will deliver success and ROI through paid campaigns.


Graphic Designer

As a Junior Graphic Designer at Humana, my passion for design and commitment to learning drive me to continuously improve. I embrace challenges as chances to grow and am dedicated to honing my skills through hard work. With relentless pursuit, I’m on track to succeed as a skilled Graphic Designer at Humana.


Graphic Designer

I put my years of experience to work to create amazing designs across a range of channels. I’m here for professional quality social media content, brochures, corporate branding and I’m an expert at ensuring consistency in everything that your business publishes.

I believe that professionalism, creativity and consistency encourages trust from your clients. I’m here to make sure you never put a foot wrong.


Client Success Manager

As a Client Success Manager with a robust background in retail, I specialize in crafting exceptional digital marketing strategies that empower companies to maximize their ROI and remain at the vanguard of industry trends.

I am perpetually eager to advance my skillset and embrace new challenges.


SEO Lead

I have spent many years developing expertise on Search Optimisation, and I’m proud to join Humana as their SEO Lead. As we move forward into a work where AI is flooding the internet with mass-produced and repetitive written content, it’s never been more important to study major search engines to understand how they ensure that the results they provide are truly relevant.

It’s taken my whole adult life to learn, and I can’t wait to add your business to a long list of firms I’ve taken to the top of Google, Bing and other search engines.


Client Success Manager

I’m on hand to consult with Clients on behalf of our ‘BeMySocial’ brand to help put together winning strategies that will help them to acheive their commercial objectives. I put a lifetime of experience to work to ensure the best for the people kind enough to put their trust in me as their account manager.

I love seeing the fantastic work that is done by our amazing creative teams – and I’m always on hand to help clients at every step to ensure their continued growth and brand development!


Client Success Manager

An experienced Marketer, I’m proud to support Humana as a key part of the Leedle growth team.

I work to reach out and consult with a range of clients to help deliver commercial success both for them and our team.


Client Success Manager

I work within the Humana Group to engage partners who want to improve their own lead generation pipeline.

I’m here to build our business by helping partner organisations to thrive. After a long career in the Marketing & Advertising industry, I’m very happy to be part of Humana’s mission!

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