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A Better Experience for Customers

Our mission is to provide comprehensive assistance for your business in the realm of digital creativity, catering to your specific needs and objectives.

Supporting a Digital Human Connection

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, we strive to bridge the gap between technology and human interaction.

Humana | Supporting digital human connection
Humana | We have a big vision for society

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Our Team

Pete Lowes Director of Humana Ltd



As the Founder of Humana’s group of businesses, my role has been to oversee the operations of our highly dependable and incredibly skilled team of Social Media Specialists, Sales Representatives, Web Designers, Content Creators and Graphic Designers.

As we move forward to take advantage of new and exciting opportunities, I’ll continue to do everything possible to ensure our future growth and success.

It’s very important to me that we grow to become a company that can significantly boost our economy and give back. As a business that provides marketing, lead generation and range of other services to hundreds of firms, we’ll do exactly that.

Advertising Expert Ruth


Advertising & Social Media Manager

I have a long background in marketing and advertising, and aim to bring a wealth of experience spanning several years. My expertise lies in blending a diverse set of skills to craft customized strategies that cater specifically to each client’s unique needs. My approach focuses on creating and executing meticulously planned paid campaigns, designed to not only meet but exceed client expectations. This methodical strategy ensures the delivery of tangible success and a significant return on investment for every campaign I undertake. My commitment is to provide solutions that are not just effective but also innovatively tailored to each client’s specific marketing objectives, ensuring optimal performance and impactful results in their advertising endeavors.


Finance Manager

In my role overseeing our financial operations, I apply meticulous attention to detail to every aspect of our financial processes. My expertise spans across critical areas like financial accounting, payroll management, and comprehensive budget oversight. This expertise is crucial in maintaining the financial health of our organization and ensuring strict compliance with relevant financial regulations and standards. I am deeply committed to ensuring accuracy and efficiency in financial reporting and analysis, which are vital for informed decision-making and sustainable financial strategies. My approach combines a rigorous understanding of finance with a proactive stance on financial planning and risk management, all aimed at supporting the company’s overall financial stability and growth.


Graphic Design Lead

“Leveraging my extensive experience, I craft outstanding designs for various channels, including professional-grade social media content, brochures, and corporate branding. My expertise lies in maintaining a consistent quality across all your business publications. I’m committed to fostering trust from your clients through a blend of professionalism, creativity, and steadfast consistency. My role is to guarantee that your business always presents its best foot forward.”


SEO Lead

I lead our SEO initiatives with strategic expertise, meticulously optimizing our web content to maximize visibility across major search engines like Google and Bing. My extensive experience, cultivated over my entire adult life, is evident in my ability to elevate our clients’ search engine rankings, significantly boosting their digital presence in a highly competitive online environment. My commitment to adding your business to my impressive portfolio of top-ranked firms underscores my dedication to achieving exceptional results.”


Systems Administrator

“Hello! I’m Linathi, your Systems Administrator. In my role, I ensure the smooth and secure operation of our computer systems, including managing servers, facilitating email communication, and overseeing network security.

I’m dedicated to resolving technical issues, performing system updates, and optimizing our IT infrastructure for efficiency and reliability. My aim is to provide robust support so everyone can utilize technology effectively, keeping our digital workspace running without a hitch.”



As a member of the Humana Team, my technical proficiency and dedication are at the core of my professional approach. With a keen understanding of web development and digital tools, I am well-equipped to offer substantial assistance in enhancing your website’s functionality.

My skills are not limited to just implementing changes; I also bring a strategic perspective that helps in identifying the most effective modifications to improve user experience and website performance.

 Whether it’s integrating new features, optimizing existing functionalities, or troubleshooting technical issues, I am committed to ensuring that your website not only meets but exceeds the evolving digital needs of our business and its users. My goal is to contribute to a web presence that is not only technically sound but also strategically aligned with Humana’s broader objectives.


Finance Support

As the newest addition to our finance team, I’m excited to bring my knowledge and skills to the table. My role is to provide comprehensive finance support, which includes managing day-to-day financial operations, assisting with budget preparation, and ensuring accurate financial reporting. I am committed to maintaining the highest standards of financial integrity and transparency. My approach is detail-oriented and methodical, ensuring that all financial procedures are carried out efficiently and in compliance with regulatory standards. I look forward to collaborating closely with the team to support the company’s financial goals, providing insights and analysis that will help drive strategic decisions. My goal is to be a reliable and valuable resource for all finance-related needs, helping to streamline processes and contribute to the overall financial health of our organization.


Graphic Designer

“As an experienced Graphic Designer at Humana, my deep-rooted passion for design is matched by a commitment to continual learning and excellence. I approach challenges as valuable opportunities for professional growth, consistently honing my skills through dedicated effort. With a steadfast pursuit of mastery in graphic design, I am committed to delivering high-quality, innovative work at Humana.”


Graphic Designer

“My role is to blend artistic flair with technical expertise to create impactful visual communications. My graphic design approach is innovative and insightful, leading to projects that are visually captivating and leave a lasting impression. I focus on integrating cutting-edge technology with creative design to transcend traditional boundaries, ensuring each project not only grabs attention but also conveys its message effectively. My goal is to consistently produce work that is both striking and meaningful, resonating deeply with its audience.”


Ads Executive

“I’m here to focus on industry leading advertising strategies. I work to identify market trends and craft innovative campaigns. My expertise not only enhances our brand’s visibility but also actively engages and captivates our target audience. I am dedicated to elevating our marketing efforts to new heights, ensuring that each campaign not only resonates with our audience but also sets a new standard in creative advertising. My approach is always to think outside the box and deliver results that surpass expectations.”


Social Media Executive

“In my role, I work on inventive marketing perspectives, grounded in data-driven strategies. My approach blends creativity with analytical skill, crucial for enhancing our brand’s digital presence and driving successful marketing initiatives. I focus on aligning creative campaigns with insightful market data, ensuring that our strategies not only engage our audience but also yield measurable results. My goal is to continuously innovate, solidifying our brand’s standing in the digital arena with a perfect mix of creativity and data analysis.”


Marketing Executive

Shannon Jagers

“My deep passion for marketing drives me to develop and execute targeted strategies. My efforts are focused on expanding our brand’s influence and engagement, effectively heightening our presence in the market. I am committed to not just meeting, but exceeding our marketing goals, bringing innovative ideas and strategic thinking to every campaign. My aim is to consistently deliver impactful results that reflect the dynamic and evolving nature of our brand”

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