Why should you Consider Traineeships for your Business?

Two women working traineeship

Traineeship programmes are a form of work placement aimed to prepare participants in developing employability skills with work preparation training. The work experience prepares young people aged 16 to 24, or 25 with an education, for future employment.

Traineeships include at least 70 hours of work experience placement. They can last anywhere from six weeks up to one year though most traineeships last less than six months.

How does a Traineeship Programme work?

The training provider will determine the needs of the trainee. The trainee potentially might need pre-employment training before starting their placement at your business.

If you decide to start a traineeship at your business, you will work alongside the training provider to plan an agreement on the programme. Here you will discuss how you plan to deliver the programme, the length of time it will take and the working days of the trainee. Traineeships are flexible, so you can change the programme as it goes along to optimise the most out of the trainee.

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Employer Responsibilities

It would be your responsibility to provide a high-quality work placement for the trainee. With a minimum of 70 hours of work experience over the course of the traineeship. However, if the trainee claims benefits, the programme cannot exceed 240 hours.

Constructive feedback and advice to trainees should be provided throughout this time, with additional English and Maths support if needed.

After the traineeship is complete, an interview for a position within the business should be offered to the trainee, if one is available. Interview preparation prior may be beneficial to the trainee. However, if there is no position upon completion, an exit meeting should take place with meaningful feedback.

Benefits to you as an Employer

When offering a work experience placement to a trainee, you can design a programme that suits the needs of a trainee, whilst also supporting your business. Getting to know and work alongside the person to see if they are appropriate for a position after completion, can determine whether they are the best candidate. The programme is a chance for you to recruit new talent for your business, which can be beneficial to small businesses starting off, whilst also developing current employees’ experience in training and mentoring.

Funding for traineeships is provided through government services. Traineeships are free, as an employer, you may choose to support your trainee with expenses such as transport and meals.