How Does Digital Marketing Influence a Consumer’s Behaviour?


It is safe to say the average adult spends most of the day online. Whether it is from looking at a computer screen during working hours, to scrolling through social media platforms on phones, our eyes are glued to the internet and its content. So, it is a good idea for businesses to make sure they have an effective digital marketing strategy.

This has never been more clear than in a post-lockdown society. We were forced to implement digital marketing strategies as this was the only way to interact with consumers. Even now when people are allowed to leave the house (and not just to walk the dog), customers are still deciding to do their shopping online and pay for services this way. But why is this? And how can a successful digital marketing plan impact this user experience?

What is Consumer Behaviour?

Consumer behaviour analyses patterns and the decision-making processes of consumers; the people that are searching for products and services online. Businesses need to try and implement this within their digital marketing strategy, as if their content boosts the shopping element, this will lead to more sales and a positive customer experience.

Various companies have studied what works and what doesn’t for consumers, including what products are more frequently bought and what time in the day they are. A study has shown that online consumer behaviour has become more important throughout 2021 and into 2022. Fashion alone has seen a major change; with an increase of 28% choosing to remain online rather than trying on products in shops. The COVID-19 pandemic can be one of the reasons for this, but there are other factors also:

  • Easier to find specific products
  • Don’t have to speak to anyone
  • Can shop 24/7
  • No need to travel

Why Should You Have a Digital Marketing Plan?

Digital marketing has opened an entire catalogue to people that before the internet, would not have been as accessible. It is evolving consumer behaviour, removing the human interaction element and replacing it with social media and digital forms of engagement. All businesses need to adopt this for their growth, moving with the constant development of technology.

Digital marketing can adapt and evolve consumer behaviour. If someone shops once at a website, creating an account, they can be targeted and shown related items they might be interested in; personalising their overall experience. Using digital marketing assets such as social media and advertising can improve a consumer’s behaviour, showing them your business is lively and current. Make sure you post frequently, creating a social media schedule showcasing your latest products, services and sales. However, an effective digital marketing strategy doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to grow and create a following. For those who don’t have the time, there are alternatives.

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