How Instagram Features can Benefit Marketing Services

instagram marketing services

Celebrating its 12th birthday this year, Instagram has become one of the most successful and most visited social media platforms. With over 1 billion users each month, the website has become a great way for businesses to market their services and incorporate it into their digital strategy. Marketing services help increase traffic to companies and assist with sales. 

Instagram is constantly developing its features to keep up with the ever-changing society and its needs. Find out the latest features on how the platform can help your business grow.


One of the most successful and quick ways to market your products, Instagram has a range of shopping features for its users. The new feature “live stopping” that is available on the Instagram shop, allows merchants to live stream. Essentially like a digital shopfront, your business can interact with clients in real-time, as they browse your products. 

Also, using the popular feature of stories, you can incorporate these for your business. By including your products, you can link this to your shopping page. Customers can easily go on your stories and if they like what they see, scrolling up the feature will let your clients be able to click on the products. It allows them to easily buy or look more into what you sell.


For businesses, it is important how your feed looks and links together. Creating a particular format allows you to showcase your more popular or important posts front and centre. Instagram is currently testing this feature. You can move posts and arrange them in any order you want, instead of the typical chronological. This means that old posts that are good but perhaps did not receive enough attention, can be recycled and moved to the front; thereby attracting other traffic. Currently, there are no updates on when this feature will be added to the app, so keep on the lookout!


Instagram stories are seen as the pinnacle of the app. Though Facebook also has stories, they aren’t as frequently used like Instagram, which has more features and design elements that makes it stand out. One of the newest features is the length. In 2022, 60-second stories had a test trial; taking over from the previous 15-second parts. Although there is no limit to how many 15-second parts you can upload, viewers may find the interruptions off-putting. This is eliminated with longer stories. For businesses, it also allows you to go into more details on your stories, including your services and products. 

Also, on stories, businesses can get instant feedback on any of the services they are marketing. Using polls, you can find out what your audience base prefers. For example, if you ask stripes or spots and the majority votes spots, you can incorporate this design as not just new products, but the digital marketing plan itself. In addition, the new feature allows your demographic to like your story, similar to posts. In the past, you can see how many and who view your story, but you don’t know how many people it positively affects. This new feature reassures your business that your target market is enjoying your content. 

Our Marketing Services

Here at Humana, we incorporate Instagram into not only our digital marketing plan but also, our clients. We understand how impactful Instagram, when used correctly, can be for a business; widening demographic and possessing the ability to post regular fresh content. Our social media team make sure our feed reflects our services and our team. Keeping a recognisable tone and colour scheme. 

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