Rebranding Your Business Without Losing Your Audience

rebranding your business

Having a recognised brand identity is vitally important for all business owners and entrepreneurs. Your image is everything. And sometimes, your business might not identify with the image it first started with. That’s why rebranding can save a company and help gain more traffic and sales.

But, what about your existing customers? You don’t want them to feel left behind with this move. For more information on how to maintain your audience whilst rebranding, find out more from a local marketing company. 

What is Rebranding?

Rebranding is a marketing approach that involves creating a new name, symbol, logo, and related visual assets such as marketing materials to change a company’s corporate image or organisation. Rebranding is intended to establish a fresh and distinct brand identity in the minds of customers, investors, prospects, competitors, employees, and the general public.

Yet, sometimes, it is important that businesses focus on maintaining their audience base for sales and traffic. Just because you want to reinvent your look, does not mean you have to change everything about the business. There are ways rebranding can be implemented, without losing what makes the business unique. 

Prepare Your Existing Customers

Customers will be more likely to stick with you if you are open about your rebranding and have a clear plan on how to implement it. However, regardless of what else is going on, the best strategy to avoid a loss in business is to focus on providing good service. 

Work on your customer service. If your loyal consumers are fully aware of your intentions, they won’t feel as overwhelmed with all the new changes. Therefore, they will be more likely to stay with you and see how the rebranding grows your business. Think about email marketing campaigns to contact your customers and inform them of these developments. 

Make Your Rebranding Known

Customer communication does not have to be internal or even confidential. All of these business executives discovered that publicising their rebrand not only helped them keep their present level of business, but also contributed to an increase.

To communicate with the general audience, use social media, press releases, and media contacts. As a result, you will notice an increase in traffic to your website as well as increased interest in your organisation. There may be a greater understanding of the services you provide, as well as assistance with SEO.

By making the rebranding known, you also open your business to engagement that can help with branding choices.

But, who has the time? Work with a marketing company that can research your target audience, help with your rebranding and still follow your company’s norms and values. 

Local Marketing Company

Humana is a local marketing company based in Yorkshire that focuses on improving human relations and connections. All our experts actively work to create the right positive company culture; valuing every member of our team, across all departments. No matter how long they have been with us. Our team at Be My Social are experts in their individual fields and can help with rebranding your business, without losing your key values. 

For more information on how Humana can help your corporate culture, fill out our contact form. Alternatively, you can follow our Instagram for daily tips and helpful suggestions on how to improve your brand.