What is Emotional Marketing?

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Emotional Marketing

Emotional marketing uses human emotions to connect to its audiences. Whether this is happy, anger, fear… This strategy is primarily used to gain a reaction from its viewers, persuading them to further look through their products. 

A company has many ways it can do this. For example, using current affairs and relating it to the business, or even supporting such causes can appear relatable to customers. Using holidays such as Black History Month or International Women’s Day can let your business stay relevant and show audiences that they post fresh content, keeping up with the times. 

No one wants their marketing strategy to be boring and similar to other marketers. Stand out from your competitors by including an emotional level to your content.

Examples of Emotional Marketing

Major brands have had a whole spectrum of responses from their emotional marketing strategies; like Marmite, audiences either love it or hate it. 

For example, in 2020, Coca Cola released an advert titled “Open Like Never Before“, which featured narration from George the Poet. With Black Lives Matter becoming a trending topic over multiple industries, Coca Cola choosing to have a Black man lead its campaign presented its support to the movement. Rather than just having the typical advertising subject, they showcased diversity in all its marketing strategies and called for a change. This emotional advertising worked successfully and the campaign received various positive reviews.

Whereas, this message was lost from their competitors. In 2017, Pepsi tried to capitalise on Black Lives Matter with their advert featuring Kendall Jenner. The advert used the iconic Flower Power photograph, linking it to handling the protest with a Pepsi can. But this was met with backlash. It is important to understand all the context behind any emotional marketing and make sure you are aware of the consequences. Yes, sometimes an advert should be controversial to make a point. But there is a line that audiences will not accept. Why not hire a marketing agency and work through ideas together?

Benefits of Emotional Advertising

Emotional advertising is a great way to build loyalty through your content. It presents that human connection we all crave, creating a deeper connection with audiences compared to posting just about your best-selling products. Triggering nostalgia is also a great way for successful emotional advertising. Your audiences will more than likely refer back to a simpler time, times they look back with fondness. You can then use this happiness to be linked with your branding, through advertising and social media marketing.

It also successfully inspires calls to action, helping your company stay trending and fresh with changes in society. We’ve already mentioned campaigns such as Black Lives Matter. But, the brand Always has also used gender equality in their campaigns, to a high degree. The emotional advertising used #LikeAGirl, which included reversing the misogynistic term and reinventing it from a feminist point of view. From this, Always had a boost in sales and helped their brand awareness as a company.

Our Services

Humana has a team of professionals in varying fields; including an SEO team that create bespoke copy and graphic designers who can reinvent your branding, logos and animations. We also offer a range of emotional marketing strategies, depending on your tone of voice and the message you want to broadcast to audiences. Our team will work closely with you to make sure your company’s advertisements and social media reflect its set of values.

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