How to Create an Effective Digital Marketing Plan

how to plan a digital marketing plan

If you don’t take into account all the factors that could affect the construction of a digital marketing plan. Especially starting without a previously developed plan or strategy. 

Given that digital marketing may have a significant impact on a company, it is also crucial to get it right. For instance, businesses with blogs get 67% more leads than those without blogs. Every aspect of your strategy must be implemented in order for your plan. So, where do you start?

What Are Your Goals?

But, the most important thing is to set some achievable goals. What are you wanting to achieve with your business? Are you wanting a certain amount of sales per month? Or, just gaining more followers on social media?

Once you are fully aware of this, then your digital marketing plan can reflect this. It can determine who and what you target. For example, more followers? You will need to focus on social media platforms; looking at the current trends and what will attract more visitors. If you’re wanting to hone in on more sales and conversions to your website, you might want to consider paid advertising that can be specifically targeted to your preferred audience. 

Also, it is important to ensure your goals permeate throughout all marketing content. Showcase to your target audience what you are wanting to achieve and why your services stand out from the rest of your competitors.   

Assess Audience and Market

Assessing your company’s existing situation in relation to examination is the first step in developing a sound plan. This helps you obtain a better grasp of your starting place, how you compare to your competition, and your target market. When you plan your strategy, think about who you want to see your campaign. What will they want to see? 

Look at your previous marketing strategy. You can see what worked and what didn’t perform as well; incorporating this into your new digital marketing plan. Analytics is every marketer’s dream. The more research you perform early days, the easier it will be to target your audience. 

Consider your competitors. Take some time to research the online presence of your rivals that can help you eventually stand out from them. Digital marketing makes it incredibly easy to find this information out as everything is published online. From there, you can plan your strategy.

Define the Digital Marketing Strategy

Now you have defined your business objectives, it’s time to solidify a digital marketing plan. Think about your audience base and demographics; this can influence what platforms and marketing channels you use. 

Content strategy is crucial for developing, publishing, and managing unique content that draws consumers in and establishes the brand as a reference point in their minds. Additionally, you must create a unique communication strategy for each medium. 


  • Think about implementing keywords throughout your web content to attract a wider audience to your website
  • Create a content calendar for social media and implement a routine 
  • Link between the mediums (social media, articles, advertising etc.)


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