Why are Illustrations Important in Advertising?

illustrator drawing illustrations for advert

When it comes to the success of your business, never underestimate the power illustrations can have in advertising. 

Illustrations can communicate important messages and help visualise complex ideas. They are a great way to help communicate your advertising to your customers.

At Humana, we support a diverse range of business users with our digital marketing support through our BeMySocial brand. To understand further the benefits of using illustrations in advertising, carry on reading. 

Creates Awareness

Illustrations are a great way to create brand awareness. Businesses can use illustrations to create an awareness of what they want their customers to know about their products or services and how to interact with them. They also enable businesses’ social media to look more coherent, helping them stand out on social media platforms.

Draws Attention

Advertising is designed to attract potential customers attention and is created in a way that grabs ahold of their attention before the message can sink in or before the customer is distracted. One of the main benefits of illustrations is that they connect with consumers’ emotions, especially when it involves humour.  

Illustrations in advertising are also a great way of designing a catchy message that pleases the eye. You can get your message across even if it is complex or simple effectively, as illustrations are a great way of telling a story with or without using words. 

Avoids Overused Stock Images 

Though photographs are important in creating adverts, it is more than likely you will stumble across an overused stock image. If you are a savvy internet surfer, you will probably have noticed photographs you see in advertisements have been used elsewhere by another business. This is something you want to try and avoid as much as possible. 

With illustrations, you don’t run this risk as you can use custom-made designs. Hiring an illustrator to design you a custom-made ad will help your brand stand out from your competitors. Finding the right illustrator for the job can be difficult, but we are here to help. 

How We Can Help 

Here at Humana, we support a variety of business owners with our world-class digital marketing support through our brand BeMySocial. 

BeMySocial is already helping businesses to improve every aspect of their business, from design to marketing and communications. They do in-depth research into your branding and deliver their client new ideas that take their business to the next level. So if you need advice on advertising or illustrations, contact a member of the BeMySocial team today by calling 01302 494 050 or by filling out their online form

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