What Mistakes Should Your Small Business Avoid?

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So, you have an idea for a business; something that sets you apart from your competitors. Great! We understand the importance of supporting businesses that are first starting out. But, there are many mistakes that could easily be made in the first year of a start-up. Especially in SMEs, when the team is small and […]

How to Get Your First Job in a Digital Marketing Agency

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Countless students graduate with high-class degrees, but leave university with nowhere to go. They apply for jobs and are told they do not have enough real-life work experience for the specific job. This also can happen at a digital marketing agency. Studies have shown that the digital marketing skill gap is continuing to expand and […]

Should I Rebrand My Business?

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Most businesses throughout their journey may have a rebranding strategy in place. Even the biggest companies with the most recognisable logos have changed their image, keeping their look fresh and current with the changing times. For example, never changing its iconic “M”, McDonald’s has had a few looks over its 80 + years. Most recently, […]

What is Integrated Marketing?


Using successful marketing services can help promote your business to the widest audience possible; even doubling your current market. You should align all marketing tactics to advertise one clear message, using a consistent tone of voice through all posts.  But what exactly is integrated marketing? And how can it help your business grow and expand? […]

How Having A Strong Company Culture Builds Your Brand

how company culture helps your brand

What is Company Culture? There is not just one definition of company culture. It differs and contrasts depending on the specific business, its ideals and its services. But overall, it refers to the organisation’s shared values; the behaviours of the business and its employees. For example, Humana’s company culture consists primarily of four categories: creativity, […]

Why Supporting Businesses is Important Post COVID-19

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At the start of 2021, 99.9% of the business population were small or medium enterprises (SMEs), collating to around 5.5 million. This may sound like a positive figure however, it has decreased from the previous year by 6.5% (-389,000 businesses). As many SMEs had to shut, this figure is primarily due to the COVID-19 Pandemic […]

Online Advertisement and your business

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Traditionally when a business wants to get brand recognition or fetch customers, they would advertise using physical methods such as using billboards or buses but digital advertising may be the new physical advertising, yielding better results and fetching worldwide customers. The progression into the digital age which we are currently in was inevitable. For businesses […]

Best Social Media Platforms for Online Marketing

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Whether you own a business or are employed by one, the one thing you will notice is how important sharing content is for getting your brand out in the real world. This is to get recognition not just by people locally but people worldwide.  Companies use Social Media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram to […]

Social Media Management; Are We Doing it Right?

Digital marketing agencies perform correct social media management tasks for you.

Social media is a part of our everyday lives. Whether as a business or for leisure; we all spend a portion of our day scrolling through Facebook or Twitter. But do we perform social media management techniques to the best of our ability? Those who use social media leisurely may be inclined to switch off […]

Third-Party Cookies Crumble; How Does This Affect Marketers

What will happen once third-party cookies collapse?

As of 2022, all Chromium based network browsers will prohibit the use of third-party cookies. These changes are set to take an adverse effect on traditional marketing strategies as we know them, and could even rupture the effectiveness of monetisation methods or worse, render them unresponsive. What Are Third-Party Cookies? Third-party cookies collect information from […]