Should I Rebrand My Business?

rebranding strategy for business

Most businesses throughout their journey may have a rebranding strategy in place. Even the biggest companies with the most recognisable logos have changed their image, keeping their look fresh and current with the changing times. For example, never changing its iconic “M”, McDonald’s has had a few looks over its 80 + years. Most recently, in 2021, the company rebranded its packaging with a minimalistic look that is to work in tandem with the graphics used on the self-serving kiosks and menus.

But when should implement a rebranding strategy? You want your customers to be able to recognise your brand identity, however changing your look is a great way to not become outdated or boring compared to your competitors. Here is your guide to when you should consider a new design and a revamp of your overall brand identity.

What is Rebranding?

A rebranding strategy is not just changing your name and logo. It can involve changing all the marketing materials that surround your business. Whether it be social media templates or website design, it is important to make sure everything is coherent and works together. Rebranding is a great way for companies to revamp their style and publish a new look; helping with a boost of sales and more traffic on a website.

Why Should You Rebrand?

Businesses might find that their brand is too similar to industry competitors. Your company should stand out, proving to customers why they should use their services. And this is vital for your graphics and other marketing material. Using stock art tools such as Shutterstock is a great way for affordable copyright-free images, but you run the risk of using the same images as another company. 

However, having a rebranding strategy that involves bespoke designs or graphics can set you apart from the tide. Incorporating these throughout other brand elements such as social media also adds to your identity and makes you more recognisable through these features. From this, you can create templates that are used every time with these specific elements; adding to your overall brand identity.

What if your set of values have changed? It happens. As humans, we naturally evolve over time, changing opinions and beliefs throughout life. And this is no exception for businesses. Lest we forget our favourite browser was once called BackRub, which definitely doesn’t have the same ring to it as “Googling”. Whatever the reason, you should make sure your brand identity reflects what your company speaks out for and its set of beliefs. You should be proud to say your company’s name and not feel ashamed when handing out important business cards.

What Should You Consider?

When rebranding, make sure you fully understand what your company’s mission and values are. Do you want an increase in sales? To promote a cause? Having these beliefs can influence the way you want to promote your business and how you stand out from your competition. If you have a main element that helps you stand out, use it. Make sure it is key through your overall brand identity.

A rebranding strategy involves various elements so you should have different teams collaborating together. Highlight your key members and showcase your company’s journey through copy creation. However, this can take time. The time could be focused on other aspects of the business. Why not hire a marketing agency that can ease this stress and help you get the attention your company needs?

Our Services

Humana is a marketing agency in Doncaster that focus on making sure our client’s business is properly marketed and presents their set of values correctly. It is important to monitor your progress; but who has the time? Hiring a marketing agency is a great way to find out what is the best move for your company. Our team closely oversees how successful your marketing scheme and if it hasn’t been working, we will implement a rebranding strategy to help the business grow. We have professionals in various departments, including graphic design, SEO and advertisements. Working together, we can find a simple solution to increase traffic for your company.

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