How to Get Your First Job in a Digital Marketing Agency

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Countless students graduate with high-class degrees, but leave university with nowhere to go. They apply for jobs and are told they do not have enough real-life work experience for the specific job. This also can happen at a digital marketing agency.

Studies have shown that the digital marketing skill gap is continuing to expand and marketers find that the skill level has declined by 6% from 2020 to 2021. But how do we combat this? It is important that even if people do not have an excessive amount of experience, they can still obtain these desperately desirable jobs and fulfil the gap that is in a digital marketing agency.

With this in mind, check out this list of helpful tips to consider before any digital marketing interview.

Research. Research. Research.

Like any job interview, you should thoroughly research the company and the services it provides. You don’t want them to trip you up on any questions. Make sure you are aware of what the job entails and your position should you get the job.

Digital marketing agencies usually offer the same services, so why not check out some of the competitors to further understand? Read their blogs and social media feeds to see what their brand identity is like. You can then incorporate these in your interviewing answers. It proves to your interviewer that you can take the initiative and are knowledgeable in this field, setting you aside from other applicants.

A great idea also is to take part in online courses to further expand your knowledge. Companies such as HubSpot offer free training courses that you can refresh and learn new skills before any digital marketing interview. Whether this is social media management, content writing or technical SEO. You should fully understand the field that the job entails and research is key for this.


Before applying for a marketing job, why not hone your skills by working as a freelancer. It gives you on-hand experience and shows an employer that you have worked in a similar environment beforehand. Though it would be nice to make a good sum, this work isn’t necessarily about making money. You should focus on starting and expanding your online presence so that when potential employers find you on LinkedIn, you already have an impressive resume.

Try freelance websites. Many businesses post about needing work and this is a great place to start. Or, check with local small businesses that want to market their company better but do not have the funds to go to a digital marketing agency. You can offer a reasonable fee and add your work to your growing portfolio.

Have Transferable Skills

A lot of the digital marketing jobs an agency offers contain similar skills that could be transferable. Chances are even if you are not successful in a particular role, you might be better suited for a different job with comparable features. “Hard skills” such as good written communication and the ability to diversify your writing style can be interchanged between content creation and social media. Even advertising needs strong copy to stand out to its viewers.

However, “soft skills” can be used no matter the company or the industry. These include good communication skills, being the ability to work well in a team and delivering high-quality work functionally. Make sure you have both sets of skills as though you will need the “hard skills” to do the work, you will need the rest to be able to fit well into a digital marketing agency and work well with your coworkers.

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