How Having A Strong Company Culture Builds Your Brand

how company culture helps your brand

What is Company Culture?

There is not just one definition of company culture. It differs and contrasts depending on the specific business, its ideals and its services. But overall, it refers to the organisation’s shared values; the behaviours of the business and its employees. For example, Humana’s company culture consists primarily of four categories: creativity, respect, recognition and growth. With each new client, we focus on projecting these elements through our brand and tone of voice.

Having a positive company culture can not only boost staff morale, making it a happy and safe work environment, but it can cement your brand as a positive and engaging one. Usually, customers will feel more secure with using a company’s services if they share similar beliefs and support their “mission”. For more information, continue reading for helpful tips on how to have an excellent company culture when building your business.

Employee Engagement

Your employees are a key factor when considering your business brand. No matter how long they have been there, employees should strive to improve the business and make it as successful as possible. However, not having a positive work environment can affect behaviours and moods, which potentially could decrease motivation for work.

Having a positive company culture means looking after your own. Praising employees who have exceeded above others, or even have improved their own workload can make workers feel appreciated and a part of the team. It can make them feel that they are being noticed by their managers and motivate them to continue the hard work. Employees should want to come to work every day; if they dread it, it not only affects their feelings but the entire company’s as well.

  • If there is a group project, make sure to praise each member of the team and not leave anyone out.
  • An employee of the month can be a great way to motivate staff to work harder.

Monitor Progress

It is important to monitor your current company culture as your business starts to grow. Having monthly meetings, or one-to-ones with staff can help you identify if there are any problems and ways to solve them. These problems could range from not understanding the task properly, obstacles that are blocking project completion, or even personal factors such as mental health or problems at home.

Understanding what each of your employees is going through allows you to cater and help them specifically to complete their tasks. If there are personal problems, let them know you understand and are here to help. If there are obstacles, work as a team to figure out a solution. Positive company culture is vital for businesses to fully grow and shows your clients that you respect your staff.

  • Use monthly questionnaires and see how your employees are feeling in the workplace.
  • Have a suggestion box or anonymous donations for employees that have a problem but are too shy to speak up.

Build Your Brand

Aligning your brand with a strong culture can drive positivity throughout your business. It is not just about employee benefits, though these definitely should be implemented; you should want to focus on your individuality and why your business stands out from its competitors.

Project your positive company culture externally, showcasing these wins to your customers and clients. Highlight when an employee has exceeded expectations and ensure individual clients know who has helped you. It shows audiences that the company is just made of people, which can be lost through technology. The business is built on human connections and these should be focused through all company publishings.

  • Have a social media calendar where different employees can post each week.
  • Make sure customers know the staff member that is helping them and make them their specific contact with your company.

Humana is a marketing agency based in Yorkshire that focuses on improving human relations and connections. We actively work to create the right positive company culture. We value every member of our team, across all departments, no matter how long they have been with us. We don’t just want a typical corporate culture. We want our clients to know we will strive to give them the best service possible and that they always have us in their corner.

For more information on how Humana can help your company culture, fill out our contact form. Alternatively, you can follow our Instagram for daily tips and helpful suggestions on how to improve your brand.