How Company Culture Can Affect Your Mental Health

Company Culture Positive

It’s common for employees to experience work-related stress, but how you handle it depends a lot on the company culture and your relationship with your boss. For employee engagement and well-being, a workplace environment that promotes safe and open communication is crucial. Unhealthy work environments are bred by company cultures where workers don’t feel safe criticising unethical behaviour and managers don’t value their input.

What is Company Culture?

The values, standards, and behaviours that direct your team on a daily basis are referred to as the company culture. Managers’ and employees’ behaviour can be used to observe culture, but it can be challenging to define or measure. As evidenced by their work and attitudes, employees can demonstrate whether a company’s culture is positive or negative.

Why is Company Culture Important?

A positive workplace culture influences performance, motivates employees, increases happiness and satisfaction, and attracts high-quality talent. Everything has an impact on the character of your company. Culture is significantly impacted by leadership, management, workplace procedures, rules, and people in general.

Signs of a Negative Company Culture

It can be challenging to recognise poor corporate culture when you’ve been employed there for a while or when it’s the only business you are familiar with. Here are some signs of bad company culture:

  • There is a lot of gossip in the workplace
  • Employees are not adequately rewarded
  • The company has bad reviews
  • Employees are not showing up/turning up late
  • The company experiences a high employee turnover rate
  • There is no defined core values
  • Your manager(s) are going against the businesses values.
  • Employees are rarely taking lunch breaks, and if they are they are very short. 
  • Unhealthy competition between employees

Signs of a positive Company Culture

On the other hand, here are examples of good company culture:

  • Diverse workforce
  • Regular employee recognition and rewards
  • Employee benefits
  • Positive working relations
  • Clear vision and values
  • Regular and honest communication
  • Ongoing professional development
  • Flexibility and trust
  • Successful collaboration 

How a Negative Company Culture Impacts Employees

High turnover, presenteeism, and burnout are all products of poor workplace cultures. Although they may sound like buzzwords, these are actually poisonous signs of a bad company culture, and every CEO, founder, and manager must actively avoid them. As well, negative work environments lead to increased absences, tardiness, lower productivity and poor team cohesion. This is everything a successful company is not. 

Additionally, the majority of people’s time is spent at work. It can lead to anxiety, depression, and stress if you are not happy in your workplace. One in six people experiences mental health problems as a result of their jobs, according to research.

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