Social Media Management; Are We Doing it Right?

Digital marketing agencies perform correct social media management tasks for you.

Social media is a part of our everyday lives. Whether as a business or for leisure; we all spend a portion of our day scrolling through Facebook or Twitter. But do we perform social media management techniques to the best of our ability?

Those who use social media leisurely may be inclined to switch off now but those proactive users out there, in particular, business owners; pay attention to this article as we discuss some of the best methods to conduct social media management successfully.

Social Media Management Requires Fundamental Knowledge

It’s hard to know everything about social media. It is constantly evolving and there is always something new to learn. However, you can access the foundations of knowledge by performing day-to-day tasks on each platform. Tasks such as reading posts and articles and indulging in the endless sea of imagery and videos that you come across online.

Once you’ve delved into enough material, you’ll start to scratch the surface of seeing things for more than they appear to be initially.

Effective Social Media Management Should Focus on Quality over Quantity

Although it’s great to have a consistent stream of content on each of your social media channels, it is far more important to create a lasting impression through meaningful content as opposed to just filling a user’s feed.

Great content possesses the ability to be engaged with, shared around and wholly held in a positive light.

Don’t Hold Back on the Charm

What goes around comes back around. If you are a big believer in karma then this technique of social media management will certainly tick your boxes.

Engaging with other users on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram especially galvanise support for your own content. 

To provide an example, we’ll venture into the fitness market on Instagram. Imagine you’ve just finished a great gym session. You’re feeling confident, so decide to upload a photo of yourself in the mirror. You check the post a few hours later to find comments commending your physical condition. The feelings of accomplishment at this moment are strong enough to generate future engagement with those people that once praised you.

Use Scheduling Tools

Perhaps the most efficient way to manage your social media is to schedule your posts using an online platform that takes care of individual postings for you. 

There are many different platforms available for you to manage all your content in one place from Loomly to Hootsuite

Scheduling posts without using one of these mechanisms is an extremely finicky and time-consuming process. You will need the login details for each account. Plus if you make a mistake then you have to log back in and edit the post. A scheduling tool allows you to oversee each post on each platform and if there are any mistakes you can edit them a lot easier.

Choose to be Personal Rather than Robotic

On social media, the accounts that find the most success are those that choose to make their content relatable to everyday people. 

Corporate companies that talk strictly about the business will always attract a core group of niche followers. However, to appeal to those outside of a small consortium you will need to be personal and you will need to be relatable.

The whole feud between M&S and Aldi over the caterpillar cake is a perfect example of how companies and corporations can garner the interest of everyday people in order to generate brand awareness.

Consider Outsourcing a Digital Marketing Agency

This article is littered with tips on how to effectively manage your social media accounts. However, putting each point into action isn’t as easy as it may appear. For example, scheduling tools such as the aforementioned sites come with a heavy subscription fee per annum. As well as that; maintaining a stream of interactive, engaging yet meaningful content can be a vigorous task. Especially for those who aren’t prepared to tackle it.

Digital Marketing Agencies take care of the why’s and the how all contained within a single fee; a fee which contains an array of digital marketing tools that most people won’t get their hands on.

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