What Does a City Status Mean For Doncaster?

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After what feels like forever, Doncaster has been awarded city status! In tandem with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and alongside 7 other ex-towns, Doncaster was supported by various members of the government, including Ed Miliband MP and Mayor Ros Jones. But, what exactly does a city status mean for Doncaster? Here at Humana, we are […]

Why Should Your Business Consider Traineeships?

benefits of traineeships

Have you ever considered traineeships for your business? These placements are ideal for businesses that cannot commit to long-term employment, but still want to help develop skills in their industry. Find out the benefits of hiring a trainee for your business and how it can help both the person and your company.  What is a […]

How To Protect Local Businesses From Cyberattacks

cybercrime supporting local businesses

Small businesses have quickly adopted remote working and converted to new technology, such as contactless payments and online ordering, since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Unfortunately, these modifications have raised the hazards. Supporting local businesses includes a variety of things, like protecting the local community from potential cyberattacks. But, how do local business owners do this? […]

Why Supporting Local Businesses is Important

supporting local businesses with excellent marketing

Supporting local businesses instead of shopping at larger chain stores has multiple benefits, some of which might surprise you. Small business owners strive to support their local communities and love what they do. Unfortunately, small businesses have been hit hard since the recent pandemic, so we think it is important to highlight all of the […]

What Consumer Trends Affect Marketing Campaigns?

ppc advertising for consumer behaviour trends, women purchasing through ppc advertising

To have successful marketing campaigns businesses need to understand their consumer’s behaviours when it comes to making a purchase. As businesses evolve with the new age of technology, so do consumer buying habits. Therefore, it is important when trying to create a marketing campaign, you keep in mind that your consumer behaviour trends change over […]

Are the 4P’s of Marketing Still Relevant?

business owner learning the 4P's of marketing, price, place, product, promotion

One of the first things we are taught when it comes to marketing is the 4P’s, product, place, price and promotion. They are long-standing features when it comes to advertising a campaign for a business and have been used for decades to get a product that meets the needs of the desired target audience. But […]

Twitters 2022 Marketing Campaigns Planner

twitter social media marketing campaigns planner

Twitter has recently released a planner with tips and tools for businesses to use to help with marketing campaigns for 2022. Business owners can use the planner for informational purposes by learning how to align their campaigns with their businesses objectives or for tips on how to get started on their first marketing campaign.  Though […]

Why Your Business Needs Social Media Management

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In recent years the importance of social media for marketing and customer services strategies has grown at a rapid rate. It requires good social media management and the tools needed to manage social media platforms effectively. Many businesses can be confused with the need for social media management and what its benefits are. After all, […]

What is the Evolution of Content Creation?


Even before influencers were making careers out of it, content creation has evolved over the years, gaining traction and popularity as we go into the 21st century. For businesses, it is also a great way to market their products. Studies have shown that 70% of people would rather learn more about a company through articles […]

Starting Your Own Small Business

small business owners starting off

Starting a small business from scratch can be daunting, with the worry for many business owners being failure constantly lurking in the background. To give new business owners a chance for success, our experts have put together several factors you should consider when starting.   Before you start, you need to consider that you will be […]