Why Supporting Local Businesses is Important

supporting local businesses with excellent marketing

Supporting local businesses instead of shopping at larger chain stores has multiple benefits, some of which might surprise you. Small business owners strive to support their local communities and love what they do. Unfortunately, small businesses have been hit hard since the recent pandemic, so we think it is important to highlight all of the reasons why shopping locally is more necessary than ever.  


Since it is more difficult for small local businesses to stay relevant since big chains are always ahead of trends, it means that small businesses have to compete by constantly adding new things to their range and adding new elements to their customer service. This is a positive factor, as it creates healthy competition with their larger competitors. It also encourages smaller businesses to be innovative, by adding a unique element to their products or services. 

Community Support

Once upon a time, the high streets were filled with local businesses from greengrocers to clothing stores. Now we see that the high street is slowly becoming a distant memory, but what most consumers don’t realise is that by supporting local businesses you are also helping to support your local community. 

Spending your hard-earned money on small businesses stimulates your local economy and keeps businesses booming within your region. The support of the community means more to a small business than a big corporate chain, and they usually enjoy returning the favour by offering charity fundraisers and holding events to show their appreciation. 

Create Local Jobs 

By shopping and investing in a local business it means you have a strong and positive effect on the local jobs in your area. Smaller businesses can be one of the largest contributors to employment nationwide. Not only this but small business owners are likely to invest in their employees and pay a higher wage to show their appreciation. Helping to grow the number of jobs in your local area creates a healthy economy and community. 

Supporting Local Businesses with Humana

Supporting local businesses is what Humana does best. We support a diverse range of business users with world-class digital marketing support through our BeMySocial brand. Be My Social was created to help businesses of all sizes who either can’t build a full in-house marketing function or who want additional support and guidance to boost their existing efforts. So if you are a small business wanting help on how to get noticed in a busy market place contact a member of our team today by filling out our online form. You can also follow us on Instagram to see our work and how we can help your business grow with our experts.