How Will Social Media Management Change In 2023?

Social Media Management

In 2023, social media management will be transformed. You have a choice between being terrified and being excited. With new technology constantly evolving, never-ending feature updates, and ever-changing consumer behaviour, digital marketers are constantly on their toes, anticipating what is going to happen next. Let’s look at some predictions for social media in 2023.

A Strong Focus On TikTok Ads

TikTok will continue to be the app for virality, but getting large followers has become more difficult for creators. All of the most popular viral videos in 2022 received fewer views than in prior years. While the prices are still low, it is a good idea to start experimenting and testing ads because prices are predicted to increase in 2023.

Use Of AI Tools

Much more than just blogging and copywriting is possible with OpenAI. It can answer questions, provide sentiment analysis, create images and ideas, and correct your copy. As well, In terms of writing ads and producing the right images, AI will play a bigger role in accelerating the ad creation process. We’ll be able to input the text and image types we want to use, and we’ll only need to make a few minor adjustments after that.

Rise In Linkedin Ads

The rate at which new features are being added to LinkedIn Ads keeps rising, which is exciting. Costs are also going up, which is difficult for advertisers on a platform that has always charged a high premium. Positively, this indicates that more marketers are continuing to increase budgets and spending because they recognise the platform’s value.

Use Of Youtube Shorts

Short-form video is without a doubt going to be the one significant platform change that will quickly differentiate the brands that succeed from those that fail in 2023. YouTube is constantly dropping YouTube Shorts on their search page If yours are there and are properly tagged, you’ll experience quicker business outcomes as people see them, click through to your website, and possibly convert.

How Can Humana Help You With Social Media Management?

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