Building a Business: Why is Social Media so Important?

social media icons supporting businesses

In a more technologically advanced age, businesses need a successful and effective online presence. This spans from their website to their social media activity. Without it, it can be hard to get your business off the ground. Potential customers like to search the web for evidence of your success; social media is the perfect way to do this. It is key in supporting businesses in reaching their target audience and can be a gateway to a whole new consumer market.

Establishing a business takes many different carefully planned out steps; in-house tasks such as the training and development of staff, and delegating tasks to ensure smooth operation and a healthy work environment are essential. When it comes to attracting customers, having a functioning online presence has never been more important in a competitive world.

Brand Awareness

Establishing a brand relies on several factors, including tone of voice, colour scheme and rapport with customers. Having brand guidelines that are strictly adhered to makes you more recognisable to an audience, especially by your logo and even the font you use. Think of some big brands such as Amazon or Facebook; it’s incredibly easy to identify them by their colours, font, and logo. Businesses need this awareness to build revenue and a customer base.

Brand awareness can easily be spread on social media. By implementing hashtags and connecting with the right people, you can get your services and business known to more people. This not only leads to more interactions with your brand but can even lead to career progression and the professional development of skills and experience for your staff. We all know the importance of supporting small businesses; social media could be your break into the market.


How often you post to social media, how good you are at replying to queries, and how interesting your content is all affect your engagement and business presence. Polls, tags, mentions and video posts are proven to be the most engaging type of content; so it’s a good place to start for a growing business. Good engagement builds a relationship with your audience, which can improve reviews and even custom.

Follower count may not be everything, but good engagement on your posts can look good to a potential customer, and this can increase followers. Audiences are picky; they may not look towards a business with a low social media presence and following. Therefore, it’s important to build your brand on these platforms in order to fully cement your business in the competitive online world.

Reputation and Recognisability

Brand awareness, engagement and all the factors previously mentioned can add to your business’s reputation and recognisability. Customers are quick to remember the negative experiences they have with a business. There’s more of an incentive to leave a bad review, so keeping them to a minimum (or even non-existent) can make a huge difference. Keeping customers happy is paramount; both for your business and your staff.

Here at Humana, we work hard to ensure all of our brands run smoothly and have an active social media presence. If you’re struggling with social media management, our team over at Be My Social can provide an excellent service. We can even draft up graphics in line with your brand guidelines, post to your social media platforms and even set them up if you don’t have any. If you would like to find out more about our brands, please fill out our online form here. By supporting businesses and career progression, we can enhance our brand too.