Supporting Your Employees’ Career Progression

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When it comes to ensuring your employee’s satisfaction and happiness within a company, one thing you might need to consider is their career progression. Most employees, particularly younger ones, like to know that their hard work is paying off, and they have the necessary skills and knowledge needed to advance their career. To make sure they know you have their career goals and personal development in mind, there are a few steps you can take.

Here at Humana Ltd, we operate complimentary brands online, such as BeMySocial and Broadband Money Saver, to improve user experience. We are incredibly passionate about local job creation, especially here in Doncaster. To improve economic growth in the long term, local businesses need to be training and developing their staff to improve their prospects as well as contributing to the local economy. Read our article below to see how you can show your support to staff.

Promote Training Courses

When you take on new starters, whether they are fresh out of university or completely new to the job market, they’ll need time to fully adjust into their job and learn new skills. Progression opportunities won’t always present themselves until much later in the employment cycle, but there’s no harm in giving your staff the push they need. To boost them up their career ladder, try suggesting training courses that they could undertake in order to improve their skills and boost their CV. This not only benefits their skills supply and career prospects, but shows that you care as a manager.

In order to enhance local job creation, economic and employment development, make it clear that you’re open to taking on trainees. This shows the wider community that you’re dedicated to the growth of your business and your employee’s career progression. By agreeing to take on trainees, you’re providing people with an opportunity to enhance their skills without them having to pay for it, which can get you noticed in the local community.

Create a Development Plan

Each and every one of your employees will benefit from having both professional and personal development plans in place at work, with routine meetings to help discuss their futures and where they want to end up in the company. Development plans outline what an employee wants to achieve in the long and short term, and gives you the opportunity to help them get there. Short term professional plans may involve their career goals in the next year, and where they want to be in the company. Long term applies to five to ten and beyond years. This allows you to understand your employees needs, and what they need from their job.

When thinking of personal development plans, consider how the employee wants to grow and succeed as a person rather than career wise. Although personal development can help with an employees career, it’s more about building upon their existing skills so they can thrive in the future. Across the country and especially here in Doncaster, jobs and training schemes can not only provide local economic development but can help individuals achieve their full potential. Humana aims to support our employees’ progression, as well as that of the local economy.

Routinely Liaise With Staff

When trying to maintain a healthy, comfortable working environment, it always helps to make it a habit of asking staff if they’re okay, and how you can support them. More often than not, jobs can be stressful, and sometimes people don’t always know how to deal with overwhelming amounts of it. By checking in on your staff, you’re letting them know that they can come to you with any issues they might have. This makes for a positive working environment and atmosphere.

Here at Humana Ltd, we are dedicated to improving the economy and community of Doncaster by creating local jobs and being dedicated to career progression. We operate different brands which provide employees with the skill set needed to work in an equally demanding environment moving forward. To find out more about our services and how we can help you, please get in touch with us here.