How to Attract Prospective Employees

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No matter whether you’re a start-up or a well-established business, having the best, most talented employees can help your company thrive. These prosperous individuals are out there in their thousands, but the hard part is getting them on board. They’ll probably have a few businesses hot on their heels, all offering attractive benefits and promoting local job creation. So how do you get ahead?

Hiring people is all about selling your company, the culture and the benefits they can enjoy if they come on board. Your recruiting strategy needs to be all planned out if you’re going to hire the absolute best people for the job. If you’re ready to start scouting the local labour market for the best talent, consider our hiring tips below.

Build Your Reputation

A company with a good reputation will attract more prospective employees and job candidates than businesses with hardly any presence. By building up your social media platforms and making yourself known at local network events, you can make your business known in the area before expanding to other places close by.

You could also get your current employees to leave your business reviews on Indeed and Glassdoor, providing prospective candidates with a look into the business before they apply or accept the job after a job interview.

Display Effective Company Culture

Happy employees produce better quality work, and this is mainly down to their life at their job. Good management, praise for good work as well as leniency when it comes to sick leave all count towards a positive work environment, and by proving that the company culture is exceptional, the recruitment process can go a whole lot smoother.

Employees look for more than just the salary. Hiring an employee takes more than just asking the right interview questions and providing the best benefits; company culture can play a big part. If an employee is going to stick with your company, they’ll need to be happy there. Businesses who focus on local job creation and commending their staff tend to retain employees better than others.

Show Your Dedication to Career Progression

71% of business owners say that employee engagement is incredibly important to their company, and the first few months can be crucial. Employees usually take around eight months to be fully productive, and only 37% of companies extend their onboarding process past the first month. In these first few months, make it clear how dedicated you are to your employees’ progression by scheduling one to one sessions to discuss their work and aspirations.

Establishing a personal and professional development plan for your staff can not only give you a better idea of their goals and skills, but it can show them how passionate you are about making them better in their job.

Employee Benefits

More established businesses will be able to offer their staff and prospective employees more attractive benefits than smaller businesses. This is due to the money available and how secure they are in their position. As a start-up business, it may seem like you’re completely lost but have faith. Some candidates will prefer to work for a start-up for the challenge, so long as you present some benefits.

For people fresh out of education, the opportunity to improve their skills and build their careers will be enough. Others may appreciate something as simple as free parking. It might be a good idea to ask candidates what they’re hoping to get from the job, and if they have any requirements. Some may wish to keep the interviewer happy to get the job, but if you’re open with the candidate, they’ll hopefully be open with you.

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