How To Successfully Manage Multiple Brands

Close up Typing on a laptop brand management

Expanding a business and creating multiple marketing strategies can be difficult to keep on top of. Building a brand identity for a single product or service can be difficult enough, but once you identify a target audience and potential customers for a separate business, it seems like too good an opportunity to pass up. Effective brand management of multiple companies doesn’t have to be a struggle; as long as you have the team to make it happen.

The most important factor to take away is understanding that you cannot accomplish all of this solo. Once the identity has been established, brand promotion and engagement take the implementation of long-term social media strategies and website upkeep. Read our article below to see how you can successfully manage multiple brands.

Establish Roles

When creating your expert team for your business, you need to decide exactly what roles you’re creating. When starting a unique brand experience, you need a team that understands your goals and target market. For instance, if you wish to establish a computer company; you need staff that understands the topics and information concerning computers. Web design, content creation and social media management are all needed to start online brand promotion.

Brand management stems from staff who are fully engaged with brand awareness and are prepared to answer any questions a consumer or client may put forward. To establish the need for your product or service; try and discover a gap in the market and use it to your advantage. Consider SEO in the written content on your website too. It can improve your search engine ranking and get you noticed. You can find one of our brands, Be My Social, here for marketing advice and social media management.

Monitor Engagement and Traffic

If you have several brands operating at the same time, it might seem overwhelming to keep on top of engagement. Social media analytics, comments on web page articles and organic leads need to be acknowledged in order to improve brand recognition. This shows your target audience that your business is active and professional; making them more likely to return to your site.

In order to fully engage with your audience, consider hiring a team to monitor social media engagement and blog post comments. An expert team of social media executives can determine exactly what posts are doing well and which aren’t; allowing them to develop a successful strategy that relates to your personal brand. They can also reply to comments or complaints of any kind, improving your communication and relationship with consumers. Strategic brand management on social media allows your business to become more recognisable and gives you a good reputation in the long run.

Always Consider What to Improve

When managing multiple brands, there are bound to be slip-ups and mistakes made. It can be hard to keep track of every single thing that happens; even with dedicated teams managing output and engagement. Therefore, it’s essential to monitor all aspects of your business to see what you can improve and change. For instance, it could be your engagement approach, copywriting technique or website navigation ease. Whatever you’re looking to change, don’t do it too much.

Constantly changing a brand around can be confusing for your audience, and makes you less recognisable the more you undertake it. Therefore, make slight changes if you can avoid big ones, and pay careful attention to whether this solves any problems that you’ve noticed. Implementing successful brand management of multiple brands can seem daunting, but with the right team, it can be easily taken care of.

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