How to Conduct The Perfect Onboarding Process

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To grow and survive in an ever-changing and competitive atmosphere, most businesses need to successfully onboard clients or investors. This not only increases revenue but establishes them as a professional and functioning organisation. When onboarding clients, it’s important that you keep them engaged and interested, and there are certain steps you can follow to solidify in their minds that they made the best choice by choosing you.

Building a positive working relationship with clients can set the tone for your partnership, and can fully explain the product or service you’re providing to them. Clients feel heard and understood when the sales process is clear and informative, so always make sure you’re keeping them in the loop. Read our article below to see how you can perfect your onboarding experience. 

Be Communicative

The client onboarding process is an incredibly important part of your business growth and can help you establish a positive relationship with your customers. As soon as you close a sale with a client, start by immediately establishing a communicative line with them. To meet clients expectations, give them the contact information of all relevant team members, and clearly outline what they’re looking to achieve from the partnership.

Contact all members of the team that will be liaising with the clients, and get them to make contact, even if it’s just to introduce themselves and what they can help with. Furthermore, organise calls and meetings with clients as soon as possible to highlight your dedication to their needs. This not only cements your professionalism but ensures the clients know they won’t be ignored and will be able to contact you at all times.

Establish Clear Goals and Timings

When you first start your customer onboarding process, consider setting expectations that are clear and easy to reach. The worst thing you can appear to a customer is oblivious, so make sure they know exactly what you can offer them. Most of these facts should have been established during the sales process, but it never hurts to repeat yourself to make the client more confident. When onboarding clients, try and provide them with a rough timeline of when objectives will be met and completed, and keep in contact with updates.

Each individual member of your team who is involved with the client should be clear when explaining when certain tasks will be completed by keeping in constant contact. A clear line of communication is of the most important with all clients, and without it, the relationship can break down and they may take their custom elsewhere. Our brands here at Humana each have a dedicated team ready to look after and tend to all clients. No matter the issue or query, our staff can direct customers to the correct point of contact to ensure they’re getting the information they need.

Stick to your Brand Voice, and Be Friendly

Your brand voice is essential to the growth and visibility of your business. A consistent tone and appearance make you more recognisable to your target audience as well as your clients. You may wish to alter your tone of voice slightly, depending on the client you’re dealing with, so make sure you get a feel for their brand before getting comfortable. Some customers may be incredibly informal when contacting you, so try and mirror that in order to build trust.

No matter whether a customer is complaining or they appear to be quite abrupt, never falter and break your brand voice. Always be friendly and approachable in your emails and calls, and try to maintain professionalism at all times. Stick to your ethics and what you know, and your client will appreciate it. When onboarding clients, make sure you present yourself as approachable and friendly and make this last throughout your relationship.

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