Why is Employee Career Progression So Important?

happy employees career progression

There are various ways to get your workforce motivated; sharing positive feedback, providing rewards and creating a positive atmosphere to work in. One factor that motivates employees to produce high-quality work and effectively demonstrate their skills is the promise of in-house career progression. By paying focus to their progression, you can help both your employees and your business.

A flourishing work environment depends on various important factors, but employee satisfaction is key. If you’re looking for ways to encourage employees to better themselves instead of staying in the same position; consider these crucial benefits below…

Positive Company Culture

When employees know that they’re working towards something that could better their careers and wages; it encourages them to put in maximum effort and work at a higher level. An unhappy, unmotivated workforce will produce lower quality work, and when employees feel underappreciated, they’re likely to leave. Improving employee motivation doesn’t have to be a minefield; it’s all about putting emphasis upon their skills and personal development.

To discuss your employees’ progression, consider holding monthly one-to-one’s. You can discuss their progress and level of work in detail. This allows your employees to raise concerns of their own, leading to a collaborative partnership. Employees want to feel heard within their roles, so allow them to put forward their ideas in order to build their interest and engagement. You can read more about personal development here.

Boosts Your Reputation

Once an employee moves on to the next stage in their career with another company, they’re well within their rights to leave you a review. Sites such as Indeed and LinkedIn allow employees, past and present, to leave reviews for prospective employees to look through. If your employees don’t feel seen or heard, they can leave a bad review, which can deter candidates.

In order to keep those rave reviews, create a positive work atmosphere, and put in place motivational factors such as promises of career progression and pay rises. This way, even if an employee does decide to leave for whatever reason, they still felt comfortable and motivated in their role. No one wants to work in a place with no chance of progressing up the ladder, so make sure your employees are respected and valued.

Attracts Prospective Employees

As previously mentioned, candidates for a job at your company will want to scope out what it’s like to work there. If previous employees don’t leave glowing recommendations, it can seriously hinder your progression as a company. Of course, you may get a disgruntled employee every now and again, but when the good outweighs the bad, that’s all that matters.

Here at Humana, we make it our mission to ensure stable career progression for all our employees. If you would like to find out more, please give us a call on 01302 494 050. Alternatively, you can fill out our online form.