Emotional Marketing: Does it work?

Emotional Marketing

Emotions hold a lot of power. This is because they can affect decisions and motivate people to engage. Because of this, motivating others to take particular actions and accomplish professional milestones has proven to be an effective marketing strategy. This has been demonstrated by studies showing a 23% increase in sales for companies using emotional marketing. In essence, the heart of advertising is emotion. They determine whether your advertisements are effective or not. So, why is it so effective?

What is Emotional Marketing?

Emotional marketing is the purposeful use of persuading messages that appeal to human emotion in order to establish a strong connection with the audience and produce the desired outcome. It frequently only stirs up one emotion. Any human emotion that is potent enough to sway judgement or motivate action, such as fear, anger, or joy, qualifies. Understanding how customers’ emotions influence their purchasing decisions is the best way to persuade them to buy whatever product or service you are advertising.

Does Emotional Marketing work?

In short, yes. If we look at the statistics, the most common strategy for engaging consumers is emotional marketing. According to research, 70% of viewers who experience an intense emotional response to an ad were very likely to buy the product. This statistic demonstrates how emotion plays a crucial role in consumers’ decision-making and highlights the need for brands to concentrate on producing ads that elicit strong emotional reactions. Who doesn’t love getting their heartstrings tugged? 

As well, emotional marketing encourages customer loyalty. According to a recent study, customers who have an emotional connection to a particular brand are 71% more likely to recommend the business than the average customer, who is only 45% likely to do so. Showing that emotional marketing makes customers feel committed and connected to your business, which creates a more personal relationship between the consumer and the company. 

In addition, emotional marketing makes your company more memorable. This is one of the main reasons that shows how the marketing strategy is effective. Memory and emotion are intertwined because emotionally charged events tend to stick in people’s memories for a longer period of time. Your brand and your content will stick with your audience if you make an emotional connection with them.

How Can Humana Help You?

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