What Is Company Culture & Why Is It Important?

Company culture

Company culture is exemplified through the corporate values and morals upon which a business is built; it sets the tone and the standard for how employees respect each other and are usually aligned with the company aesthetic.

It shapes the behaviour of those involved with the company. For example, if you’re a very corporate and finance-orientated business, you may exert much more formal and professional mannerisms in comparison to say, an events company. 

Different Types Of Company Culture 

  • Results-orientated culture: a business that puts an emphasis on outcomes and achievements – very common in sales-driven organisations.
  • Collaborative culture: A culture that values teamwork and communication, and focuses on making sure people involved in the business have positive relationships and healthy communication.  
  • Customer-orientated culture: Usually has a ‘customer is always right’ mentality, and places the needs and desires of the customer first and foremost. Quite common in the foods and drink service industry. 
  • Fun culture: Likes to keep things lighthearted and rather playful, doesn’t enjoy seriousness behind corporate motives and is more inspired by the energy of those around them. 
  • Diversity & inclusion company: A company that promotes diversity, equality, and ethnic inclusion. Strives to make all of its employees feel included regardless of racial indifferences. 

Why is Company Culture Important For Business

Company culture is heavily involved in a company’s brand image and reputation. When trying to attract new employees as well as clients and investors, your e-commerce platforms and the values presented across will be some of the first things, as a business owner, you’ll be judged on whether or not it’s worth pursuing your company further.

Not to mention it creates a baseline sense of ‘self’ for the company. This greatly encourages performance and productivity: A healthy company culture promotes collaboration, teamwork 

and open communication. It encourages employees to share ideas, collaborate on projects and support each other. This sense of community creates a warm and inviting atmosphere which encourages recruitment processes in other areas of the company. 

Ultimately when employees feel valued and motivated, they are more likely to go the extra mile to achieve success.  

This also ties into the retention and recruitment of top-talent employees. Employees are more likely to stay with a company that has a supportive, inclusive, and inspiring culture. Moreover, a strong company culture can serve as a differentiating factor that attracts skilled individuals who align with the company’s values and aspirations. 

How To Achieve A Positive Company Culture

The best way to go about this would be by setting at least 5 staple values you want to orientate your company around. Consider the nature of your business; if you’re a sales company that values results, then perhaps your values would be based on competitiveness and drive. 

This would differ from an eco-company whose probably not as aggressive as a sales campaign would be. 

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