How to Create a Company Culture That Attracts Employees

company culture

One of the most crucial things for entrepreneurs and business leaders to get right is company culture. Positive company culture can serve as the foundation for all areas of business operations and is a major driver of corporate success.

Every firm has a company culture, which is its own personality. It dictates how the business treats its employees and how employees should treat each other. This includes everyone from clients, vendors, to stakeholders; whether by design or by default.

Here at Humana, we understand the importance of implementing a strong company culture throughout our business. Though all our work is by digital means, human connections still run through both our foundations and structures. But, no business is complete without its employees and it is vital to treat them with respect. Check out this list of ways you can include company culture into your business that will attract future employees.

Concentrate on Mission and Core Values

Although a business director or CEO will construct the system, it is the employees that will define and shape company culture. Whether it is through the work produced, everyday interactions or even their personalities; workplace culture permeates through the business and should be based on trust, shared beliefs and shared goals.

Leaders starting from scratch have a great opportunity to rethink old cultures and develop innovative ways to stay connected. As we enter the “new normal”, there are still many companies that have adapted to more remote or hybrid work environments. But this does not have to affect the company culture. Rather, it should just be catered to and implemented in a new contemporary way. Always maintaining and strengthening the company’s overall values with every employee.

Recognise and Value Employee Feedback

It’s a good idea to enlist the help of a focus group made up of personnel from diverse departments and with varying degrees of expertise and tenure. Employees’ perspectives can be incredibly useful, especially in remote/hybrid situations where employers are still looking for methods to optimise the culture, because they are the ones who will be most affected on a daily basis.

There may be issues that CEOs consider unimportant but that employees find to be a source of concern. Employees, on the other hand, might find something exciting that wasn’t even on their radar. Furthermore, management buy-in is crucial since they will be expected to live these values every day and set an example for their people and the organisation.

Demonstrate the Company Culture

But, what is the best way to show positive company culture? Why, actions of course. All these words are pointless if they are not physically implemented in daily working life. What’s that stereotypical saying? Actions speak louder than words. And though we hate to be predictable, it is true.

Leaders should follow through on promises by working for the benefit of others; providing a robust work-life balance. This can include flexibility, demonstrating care and empathy by taking the time to listen to an employee’s problems and creating a recognition programme. All will help value staff members and boost overall morale through the business and its workplace culture.

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Humana is a marketing agency based in Yorkshire that focuses on improving human relations and connections. We actively work to create the right positive company culture, valuing every member of our team, across all departments; no matter how long they have been with us. We want our clients to know we will strive to give them the best service possible and that they always have us in their corner.

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