How To Create an Effective Company Culture

happy team positive company culture

Having a positive company culture is just as important as having goals and strategies for the running of your business. Employees and team members who are happy and fulfilled within their roles are more likely to produce better quality work; employees who don’t feel valued can let that quality slip, and ruin the reputation of your working environment.

Building a strong culture within your business can boost your reliability and reputation to prospective employees, and can keep current staff members engaged and on board. The day-to-day running of your business relies on the quality of work that your employees produce. Maintaining a positive impact of your company culture plays a big part.

Praise Employee Success

It can be easy to remember when a fault occurs; anything negative that happens is far more likely to stick in our minds than positive instances. But, that’s just the way that humans are programmed. With this in mind, it’s important to praise staff members when they achieve something. It can boost their self-confidence greatly, which improves motivation and leads to a better quality of work.

For example, if you have a team running a marketing campaign that goes well, make sure they’re all aware of the good job that they’re doing, and make other staff members aware of their achievement too. Happy employees produce good work, which is what every business needs.

Provide Incentives

Sometimes, it pays to go the extra mile in showing your employees some gratitude. Telling them they’re doing a good job is one thing, but rewarding them when they go above and beyond improves employee engagement for the long term. For instance, American corporation Sweetgreen organise “Gratitude Events,” where they make handwritten notes out of happy emails clients have sent, and give them to the employees as a show of achievement.

Events like this can help build an employee’s motivation and happiness within your company, providing them with more of an incentive to stay. Employees who don’t feel recognised are twice as likely to leave their job, according to Bonusly. Therefore, it’s important to value your staff, before it’s too late.

Build Trust and Transparency

When you conceal information about your business from your employees, it can lead to a decrease in trust. Of course, some things aren’t worth mentioning, but you need to make sure your team have contemporary communication tools in order to keep each other in the loop. It not only builds trust, but it can keep employees up-to-date, leading to businesses running more smoothly.

Here at Humana, we’re dedicated to creating a positive working environment amongst our brands. In order to create effective brand awareness, our team need to be focused and engaged, and a positive company culture is the best way to do this. To find out more, please fill out our online form.