Why is Good Customer Service Vital?

benefits of good customer service

As a business grows and its reputation is more at stake, it is important to focus on how to build strong connections with your customers. And, good customer service is a great way to ensure this. It feels like a pretty basic element to your company, however, without it, how will you become a reliable source to your customers? People want to feel safe when spending their money; confident that the services are worth the expenditure.

Check out why good customer service is important for all businesses and how it can affect your growth.


Studies show that, after a positive customer experience, 69% would recommend the company to others and 50% would continue to use the business. Think about it. Why would a customer come back to a business where they were treated poorly? Not only will this affect the amount of business, but your overall reputation. People talk. And, if they are stating that your business does not care about their customers, chances are you will lose potential referrals.

It’s the result of a chain reaction. If your customer service personnel is happier, they will work harder to meet and exceed your customers’ expectations. Those customers will then be highly pleased with your brand and will recommend it to others. As long as you offer them a cause to do so, your consumers can be your best — and cheapest — a form of word-of-mouth promotion; all with excellent customer service.


Studies have also shown that 70% of a customer’s buying experience is based on the level of customer service channels. How they feel they are being treated. Chances are, if they feel welcomed by good customer services, they will more likely to either reuse your services or pay more.

With the world becoming more online and focusing specifically on good customer service, any business that fails to provide this service will not profit as much.

Customers are influenced by even a single positive encounter; one positive experience could convince them to continue with a company, whilst one poor experience could send them scurrying to a competitor.


It is important throughout your business to fully understand its brand identity and the messages it wants to project. This should be consistent throughout your social media presence, advertisements and other marketing content, that is published through your brand. However, sometimes this is not clear to your customers.

However, with excellent customer service skills, you can help portray this brand identity more efficiently. These people interact directly with your customers and are in charge of portraying your brand when communicating with current or potential customers. In fact, 96% of customers consider customer service when deciding whether or not to stay loyal to a firm.

This direct communication is only possible with good customer service channels; such as video calls or emails. From this, they can show why that customer should stay with your company and state the strengths.

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