Which Career Progression in Marketing Will You Choose?

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So, you want a career in the marketing industry? Well, where do you start? Career progression is key in every sector and marketing is no exception; with countless opportunities that are available. There are many different departments, that though they may share some skills, also widely differ.

Before finding a job in the industry, first, you should research what paths there are out there. Where your career progression could eventually lead to. Which job most matches your career goals? Check out this list of jobs in the digital marketing sector and what each demand and expects from a potential marketer.


Enjoy writing long-form articles in a variety of industries? Then, copywriting might be for you. You might just think that this job entails good written communication and though this is true, there are other elements that come into it. For example, articles on websites are primarily there to draw in organic traffic through the use of SEO. These blogs will be optimised with keywords, so that when Google indexes the website, it can be properly placed on its results page. So, a good understanding of this process is necessary.

However, copywriting can lead to a wide range of job positions to further career development. These foundations will help gain jobs in content writing, SEO executive and even digital journalism.

Skills needed:

  • Good written communication
  • Research
  • Adaptability

Graphic Designer

If you are efficient with Photoshop and editing, chances are you have dived into the world of graphic design. These skills are valuable to a digital marketing company, as they can lead to creating a wide range of components. For example, if a brand wants to completely change its image, it will need new typography, layouts, banners and maybe even a logo. That’s where a graphic designer will come in.

But, graphic design can just be a stepping stone for career progression; leading to a variety of job roles. Basically, anything that involves digital design and have the knowledge of structure. Why not a fashion designer? Or, honing in the IT skills, a web or game designer?

Skills needed:

  • Good IT skills
  • Creativity
  • Attention to detail

Social Media

Ah, social media. Whether you are constantly scrolling through it or want to appear “alternative” by hating it; you can’t deny the level of impact it has had over the last decade. However, social media doesn’t just appear on our screens. There is a talented social media team behind the keyboard, that is using their knowledge of trends and what works, to create engaging posts.

As you will need good customer service and written communication, social media jobs can lead to a variety of careers. Even just in the social media industry, a starting job can eventually develop into a manager role or a branding consultant. There are many opportunities for career development, that can use these transferable skills that a social media team creates.

Skills needed:

  • Creativity
  • Good written and verbal communication
  • Aware of the latest trends

Where Do You Start?

For those who are wanting a job in the marketing industry, but are not sure where to start, why not find a career progression framework that can help you get your foot through the door? One such career path program is The Kickstart Scheme, for which young people between 16 and 24 are supported as they get a work placement in various industries. Including the marketing sector. From this, you might find where you want your career to progress; getting practical experience and honing in on your skills. 

These placements can then progress into full employment, or just the stepping stone to a more developed career. Whatever the case, it is a great opportunity to gain experience and develop transferable skills.

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