How To Write Engaging Marketing Copy

how to write engaging marketing copy

What is Marketing Copy?

No matter how big your business is, you should always have an effective marketing strategy in place. Your products and services might change a person’s life, however, if they don’t understand what you are offering, or aren’t intrigued by your advertising, how will they find out?

Marketing copy can come in various ways; including short and long-form, social media updates and web content. The content that is written should essentially encourage readers to perform whatever action you intended with the post. Whether it be to promote or sell your services, it should always increase awareness for your company and improve the brand’s tone of voice. Having clear and concise written communication is key for an effective marketing strategy, that shows your target audience what it is exactly you want to sell.

Read below for some helpful tips and factors to consider for your copy and how to plan an effective marketing plan.

What Are Your Key Marketing Messages?

Every business, before posting any content, should know what message they are trying to publicise and what they specifically want out of it. Do you want an increase in traffic to your website? More social media followers? Knowing these can affect the content you release and the manner you do it. If your focus is more followers, social media marketing will be your main priority. Your copy should be concise and snappy for your captions. Your audience will more than likely be scrolling endlessly when they see your post. 

The copy and image need to be engaging and attract their attention. If your focus is website-based, writing articles weekly can improve your visibility on search engines. Your copy should also be engaging, focusing on certain keywords that your target audience will be searching for.

Know Your Audience

Like in every business, you should know who you are trying to target. And this is no exception for the marketing copy you are producing. Research is key to finding out what will appeal to your target audience. Do they want a descriptive copy? Is having a narrative throughout your social media posts influence their engagement level?

It is important to understand these elements as you want to please your existing customer base, but also reach wider demographics. A great way to get instant feedback is by posting questionnaires or quick surveys. You can find from the source itself what is working for your brand and what can be improved. Understanding your audience can enhance your marketing copy, specifically targeting it for their wants and needs.

What is the Right Marketing Strategy For You?

Businesses need to find out what works for them and what will most successfully promote their services. Whether it is reaching younger demographics with social media marketing, or engaging with your customers with long-form articles about the ins and outs of your business. You should hone done your style, making sure you maintain a constant tone of voice that is recognisable as your brand. For some, not having an effective marketing strategy can make them lose potential clients and it is important to refresh and update content frequently. Hiring a digital marketing company is a beneficial solution, for those who don’t have sufficient knowledge in this field and need to focus on other areas of the business.

Humana is a company that focuses on finding the right marketing strategies specifically for you. We work closely with clients, finding out their target audience and how best to promote your services to reach the widest demographics possible. For more information, fill out our contact form and someone will be in touch.  

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