Supporting Businesses: What Career Skills Can Be Used in SEO?

supporting businesses with seo skills

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the art of guaranteeing companies and their websites are the number one choice on search engines such as Google and Bing. It is a career that is often forgotten and not studied, however, there are many skills that can easily be transferable for those wanting career progression in marketing and supporting businesses. If you feel run down in a job and want a change, SEO might be for you.

Below is a list of careers that offer skills also important in SEO and digital marketing.

Social Media

A lot of SEO is knowing what works and what doesn’t work. Having a strong sense of how to market your own identity can be transferable when having to do the same supporting businesses.

Social skills may seem like an obvious thing, but it is important when conversing with clients and in supporting businesses. You should know exactly what they want and how they want to appear. Good social skills are key as you want your clients to feel like they are in safe hands and that you will accurately represent their online profile.

Also, a level of confidence is needed when supporting businesses. You should be confident in the content you are putting out. Having a confident social media profile may come in handy in transferring into writing for other people.


Since the invention of the printing page, journalism has always been a high-end job that offers several different skills for career progression.

If journalism doesn’t seem a right fit, there are many interchangeable skills that can be used in digital marketing, specifically in SEO and content creation. Written communication is important in both fields and possessing the ability to alter your writing style will help change the article’s voice depending on the style and tone of the company.

Writing for a Law firm, for example, will need to be factual and informative, compared to an indie cafe which may want to be more casual and colloquial. This skill from journalism is essential for writing for SEO and in doing so, supporting businesses.

Communication skills are also used in both journalism and SEO content writing. Talking with clients is part of the role, so having these skills is essential to find out what specifically they want and how they want their business to appear publicly.

Researching is also key, as potentially the content may be about a subject you are not familiar with. Topics should be researched in-depth, much like a journalist would when looking into assignments and written factually and current.

Creative Writing

Having a strong sense of storytelling also can help those who want a career progression in digital marketing. Using a strong opening, rising action and a conclusion already frames the story you are trying to tell.

The purpose of your business and why you want people to visit your website. It also can set you apart from the crowd. For example, if other companies in your client’s industry are writing formal articles, maybe an innovative and creative piece can stand out.

Make people want to read the rest of the work. Having a strong creative voice and making it shine in your SEO shows that you have originality and adaptability in your copy.

If this is something you may be interested in, for further reading check out this creative writing article on Be My Social.

Computer Programmer

There are two sides to SEO; content writing and technical. If you are looking into technical SEO, having knowledge of page speed, rendering and microdata tagging, for example, can help with knowing how to set up posts for SEO for optimal impact.

Also, though not essential, knowing how to code could be very helpful if you do want to go into SEO. For instance, perhaps not the coding itself, but knowing what implications the code will have on your website will be useful. It can help determine the changes you should make for your client’s specific needs.

Basic computer skills should also be essential if looking into career progression in digital marketing. You should be able to use SEO tools to analyse what keywords and phrases have been the most popular in your client’s key area of interest.

Looking at these lists can also determine what shouldn’t be written about if in the past these words have done poorly. Using excel spreadsheets can easily organise progression and development in your SEO career in supporting businesses.

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