Round Table 7 And Hard Laughs Collaborate For Fundraising Comedy Night

Hard Laughs Comedy Night

Hard Laughs, a Doncaster-based stand-up comedy organisation, is excited to announce its collaboration with Round Table 7 for their first ever comedy night on February 4th, 2023. What can you expect from this occasion?

What To Expect From The Event

The event has sold out and is expected to raise over £2,000 for local charities. Round Table 7 members Pete Lowes, Oliver Watson, and Andy Booth organised the event, which will be hosted by Adam Hughes.

Round Table 7, founded in 1928, aims to provide both professional and personal support to one another while raising funds for a variety of charitable organisations. The comedy night is just one of the many ways Round Table 7 members give back to the community and carry on the tradition of raising funds for local charities.

With some of the UK’s best comedians taking the stage, the comedy night promises to be a night of laughter, entertainment, and fundraising.

Hard Laughs was founded to promote the best stand-up comedians in the UK and to bring audiences to comedy shows in Doncaster. If they get that right, they’ll attract some incredibly established and talented UK comedians.

Please be aware that the shows at Hard Laughs are classified as adult comedy and are not suitable for children or the easily upset due to the diverse range of comedy club acts that will be displayed.

Round Table 7 and Hard Laughs want to thank all of the comedians who will be performing at the event, as well as the surrounding community, for their endless support. They would also like to thank the members of Round Table 7 for their efforts in organising such a memorable evening.

This event represents a significant milestone for Round Table 7 and reflects the group’s commitment to raising funds for worthwhile causes while having an enjoyable evening. Round Table 7 is confident that they will meet their fundraising goal thanks to the local community’s support and the members’ hard work.

Hard Laughs

We hope to see you all on February 4th for the comedy night, and we look forward to fundraising for local charities. Remember to stay up to date on Round Table 7 and Hard Laughs’ fundraising and community efforts by following them on social media.