Humana Ltd. Who We Are

Humana Ltd. Who We Are

Who are Humana? We operate complementary brands that work in unison to offer an improved online experience for customers across the country. As of 2020, we manage three companies, each with their own unique and fulfilling purpose.

What Do We Do?

From marketing and web development to broadband comparison, all of our companies work tirelessly to provide customers with the best experience possible for the relevant field. As well as providing optimal services, we’re also dedicated to creating job opportunities within the local area and encouraging career progression.

Read our article below to find out more about each of our developing companies.

Be My Social

Based in Doncaster, Be My Social provides a range of marketing strategies to businesses up and down the country. Our specialist areas include web development, SEO implementation, social media management and advertising.

We collect information such as relevant keywords and target audience demographic to create applicable and engaging content and social media posts. We can monitor engagement to see which posts and keywords are performing well and take relevant action. Your brand will always be recognisable to an audience, and we will be sure to weave it into everything we create for you.

We have an experienced, dedicated team on hand to assist with any issues clients may have. Our web development team can design your new webpage and implement SEO to help you rank higher on Google. This is paired with our content writers, who create engaging copy with keywords suited to your brand.

Be My Social can cater to all your marketing needs and campaigns, offering you bespoke payment plans depending on the work you require. To find out more, visit the website here.

Broadband Money Saver

Broadband Money Saver is an up and coming broadband comparison site dedicated to finding customers the very best deal in their area. The site allows you to filter exactly what matters to you when it comes to broadband and takes your postcode to find what is available for you.

Although the website works mainly as a broadband comparison service, the site is monitored and optimised by the SEO team over at Be My Social, allowing it to rank higher on search engines like Google. Articles are written weekly concerning topics centred around broadband to further ensure the site’s online visibility.

The service is a growing business, like all of our sister companies. The traffic the site attracts helps it to grow as a company and allows it to compete against competition as a viable contender. To compare broadband deals in your area, try out their comparison service here.

Hard Laughs

Hard Laughs was established in Doncaster as a platform for up and coming comedians to showcase their talent in local venues. Their goal is to give rising stars an opportunity to be seen by wider audiences, thus elevating their career and establishing them as reputable performers.

Due to the recent coronavirus pandemic, Hard Laughs has taken a slight hit, as venues are not open to show gigs. However, they are still working hard to ensure that local talent has the opportunity to elevate their careers and showcase what they have to offer. They hope to put on more shows once it is safe to do so. You can find out more and get in touch here.

Job Opportunities

Here at Humana, career progression is one of our major passions. We source and hire our employees locally in order to provide a sense of community and to boost the local economy. By establishing Humana and our sister companies in Doncaster, we can put ourselves on the map and grow nationally.

We care deeply about our community, so hiring locally and boosting the economy is a great incentive for us. Progressing the careers of those within our region is an amazing added bonus. At Be My Social, we are hoping to begin training people who have an interest in marketing, in order to further their careers and give them a place to start.

In Conclusion

The purpose of this article was to give you a taster of what we offer and what we are accomplishing in the local community. Thanks to our customers and staff, we are helping each of our companies progress into something we can be immensely proud of.

If you would like to find out more or to make an inquiry, you can follow the links provided for each of our companies separately. Alternatively, you can visit us on Facebook, and you can visit our site here.