How to use Creative Writing in Marketing

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At Humana, a marketing agency in Doncaster, it is important to have different ways to advertise services, instead of the standard: this is what we sell, buy it. Content writing for marketing and creative writing have common trends and can easily be intertwined in successful advertising campaigns.

Humana has a history of supporting businesses with social media management, SEO and advertisements. By incorporating creative writing, this can increase online traffic as the business takes off.

Find a Target Audience 

Like any creative writing, you should know who you are trying to reach before publishing. Depending on previous marketing strategies that may have not been as successful as possible, you could consider changing your writing style and try something different.

Maybe writing in an informal way, if being formal in the past has not engaged with as many readers. Using more descriptive and imaginative words and key phrases to paint a picture. Changing genres in marketing can offer new alternatives and bring in different demographics for future publishings.  

Have a Clear Structure

A beginning, a middle and an end. The key factors to any good story. 

Using this approach in digital marketing can concisely tell readers what the piece is trying to say, quickly and efficiently. Much like a fictional story, readers should feel like they’re on a journey, with the end goal of them deciding to go with your services. Information told within a narrative structure can be seen as more engaging and the reader should want to read on to find out more.

Show, Don’t Tell 

A classic creative writing trend that makes any writing instantly more engaging. 

Companies shouldn’t have to over-explain why a certain product is good. The product should essentially sell itself. In the copy, don’t go into detail about why the product is worth buying. Show them. Using creative writing, you can tell an innovative story. You could write about how the product is used, why it is better than competitors. Readers should be able to come to their own conclusion and want to buy it off their back. Not because an advertisement blatantly told them to. 

Social Media Management & Marketing

Undoubtedly, in the ever-changing technology, more of the population are glued to their phones, endlessly scrolling through Instagram and Facebook. Using social media is proven to increase a company’s online presence and makes audiences feel more connected to the business. 

One idea is to use storytelling techniques, such as flash fiction or descriptive pieces for marketing purposes. It gives variety to an otherwise very informative piece. This creative way is not for every business, but for innovative ways to showcase products or features, this might be of interest to some. 

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Hopefully, these tips will help you with your marketing campaigns and show you innovative ways to use creative writing in advertisements. 

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