How to Run Successful Marketing Campaigns

business owners doing marketing campaigns

Marketing campaigns are a long-term process to promote a product or service through multiple platforms. It sets out with one goal, which usually tends to increase sales of a specific product. 

 For a small business starting the idea of a marketing campaign can be daunting. At Humana, we aim to provide brands from all over the UK with the marketing support they need. Alongside our sister brand BeMySocial, we have provided some helpful tips on what you need to consider before starting your marketing campaign. 

Set Your Campaigns Objective

A simple formula for a marketing campaign objective is what will be achieved plus how long the marketing campaign will run. A marketing campaign is a small piece of your overall marketing plan. When you understand how your marketing campaign fits into your grand scheme, you can then identify your target market. 

There are many reasons why businesses choose to run marketing campaigns, the issue is trying to define why your business is. If you are having problems defining why you are starting a campaign, think broadly. You might want to promote a new product, increase brand awareness or advertise an upcoming event.

Set a Budget

How big your budget is will affect the marketing strategy you choose. Having a bigger budget will allow you to reach a larger audience; try not to depend on free advertising for your small business. The most effective way to reach out to your target audience might not always be the cheapest option, so be realistic when setting your budget. 

This is not to say all free marketing strategies are not as effective but there is always a marketing cost, even if it is only your time. Why not calculate into your budget the price of a digital marketing agency to see if you could be saving yourself time and money? For a small business with no marketing team having expert advice on hand for your business could save you money in the long run. 

Communication Channels For Your Marketing Campaigns

The distribution of content for your marketing campaign will be through communication channels such as email and social media platforms. In the form of email marketing or potentially pay per click online advertising, advised after creating an organic following. 

For your communication channels to be successful, they need to be well suited to your target audience. Where your target audience spends most of their time, do they constantly check their emails, or are they usually scrolling through their Facebook news feed? 

It is best to prioritise trying to grow the most relevant channels to your target audience. You are more than likely to see growth in a loyal following by doing this. 

Action Plan 

Another suggestion would be to build a general timeline for your campaign, it can be as simple as marking down on a calendar your start date and deadlines in which you want to achieve things. Following this, analysing your marketing assets and financial resources, it is crucial to determine how often you can afford to post and promote your campaign. 

A helpful tip is to map out your scheduled posts for each channel, this way you will be aware of when things are going out. It will also give you an idea of where your time and energy are going. 

Recording what you are planning to do and when you plan to do it will increase the chances that you will do the things on the list, but it will also give you a record to evaluate your process and potential success if done correctly. 

Your plan will also work as a guide to if you are achieving results, it is vital to refer to the goals you made at the beginning of the campaign process. Though there is no formula for the perfect campaign as every marketing campaign is different, making sure you remain on track will help guide you through the campaign. 

How Can We Help?

Here at Humana, we support a variety of business owners with our world-class digital marketing support through our sister brand BeMySocial. 

BeMySocial is already helping businesses to improve every aspect of their business, from design to marketing and communications. They do in-depth research into your branding and deliver their client’s new ideas that will take their business to the next level.  

To find out more about the benefits of using a digital marketing agency to help with your marketing campaigns, contact a member of the BeMySocial team by calling on 01302 494 050 or by filling out their online form