How to Establish and Promote a Brand

How to Establish and Promote a Brand

In an increasingly competitive online world, it’s becoming harder to build brand awareness for your business. Online brand promotion needs to be engaging, unique and effective in order to survive, and it can be difficult to perfect the economic growth of a product or service without an efficient marketing strategy.

Luckily, there are ways in which small businesses can make a big difference online. Brand awareness and promotion can be achieved if you really dedicate the time and effort to a marketing campaign. Online advertising and social media engagement are both crucial steps in ensuring the attraction of potential customers and expanding as a business.

Humana Ltd is proud to operate several brands, including an SEO and marketing team known as “Be My Social,” in order to not only assist businesses nationwide but to enhance local job creation. This in turn benefits the local economy in Doncaster and provides a necessary service to people and companies across the UK. If you want to establish a brand, but you aren’t sure where to start, read our article below for some inspiration.

Design and Structure

The first impression a target audience will get from your business is based on its overall design and appearance. For instance, your web design, social media posts and overall colour scheme are your audience’s first contact with your business. Your brand needs to be distinctive and recognisable to returning customers, as a tendency to keep changing can be confusing.

Your first task when establishing any brand is figuring out a colour scheme and similar fonts for your website. Try to ensure that these colours are distributed across your social media, business cards and any other product associated with your brand too. Brand promotion depends on how recognisable you are online, so make sure that you don’t get lost in the crowd. Loyal customers should be able to know who you are straight away, and this, in turn, builds up your brand.

Humana Ltd are dedicated to helping brands perform at an optimal standard to ensure the growth of sales promotion of businesses. We also strive for local economic development that benefits Doncaster and the UK as a whole.


Once you’ve established a colour scheme and overall tone of voice, your next step is marketing your service or products. The best way to achieve this on a budget is through social media engagement and promotion. Tagging relevant people, locations and hashtags can make you more visible online and can help you reach the audience that you’d like to attract.

Once you’ve developed a budget that you can spend on marketing and advertising, you may want to invest in paid social media advertisements. Advertising on channels such as Facebook can target evidence-based results for getting companies sales and leads. Also, our sister company Be My Social operates social media management and SEO development in order to make brands more visible online. It’s also worth trying guerilla marketing, such as word of mouth.

Good Work = Better Visibility

Investing as much time as possible in your business during the early days is incredibly crucial to your businesses development and growth. To achieve this, you may need to make a few financial decisions concerning marketing services that can assist you in your advertising campaign. Good marketing can drastically improve your visibility, both on social media and on search engines such as Google.

Having an online presence in today’s climate has never been more crucial for an up-and-coming business. Being able to successfully market a product in an engaging and exciting way could make all the difference to your leads and sales. Here at Humana Ltd, we work to ensure that our brands are providing the best service possible, all the while specialising in local job creation and economic development.

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