Customer Engagement on Social Media

Customer Engagement on Social Media

Businesses without customers are like a computer without a keyboard; what purpose does it serve if you are staring at a monitor without the utensils to delve deeper? Customers are the very moral fibre of businesses across the world, they are the foundation of an organisation’s success. With all this being said, it appears that the customer is a particularly valued entity.

In order to maximise customer satisfaction and in turn, create customer retention and growth, they need to understand their value. Engagement between business and consumers is a tried and tested method towards customer satisfaction and it is integral for businesses to practice this feat.

Social Media Vs Word of Mouth

On platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, conversation is at your fingertips, therefore it is incredibly easy to share information across social media platforms. This is why social media has the edge over physical promotion or spreading awareness via word of mouth. These three major platforms have a combined user range of 4.2 Billion people; imagine handing out flyers to people of that magnitude.

How Social Media Aids Customer Engagement

There are several ways in which social media use can benefit your consumer interest and retention. In addition to prolific engagement with customers, social media can also be an effective way to market the identity of your brand.

Some of the ways the major social media networks can benefit your business include:

Building a rapport: Establishing a personal connection with each of your customers is a feasible feature on social media. Each user is equipped with their own profile picture, so this allows you to put a face to a name. Rapport building is then topped off by messaging systems and comment sections, two features that allow you to directly converse with your consumer base.

Lets customers know their worth: Using social networks to offer special deals and promotions to your followers is a surefire way to create customer happiness. This is particularly successful on Instagram. Users on the visual platform organise giveaways in exchange for their followers to broadcast their profile; by sharing their post and tagging other users.

Improves communication channels: Response times are everything on social media, the most successful businesses remain active around the clock. Remaining responsive is seen as excellent customer service online. This is perhaps due to the urgency of social media; because everything is available at the touch of a button customers expect a timely reply from businesses. Some messaging systems allow you to submit an auto response in the instance that you aren’t available.


Through the methods discussed in this article, you have the opportunity to communicate with your customers in the most effective and available manner. Branching out across the biggest social platforms is a surefire way to establish an efficient web of presence that covers users in different areas.

Here at Humana in Doncaster, we pride ourselves on proficient social media management and we recognise the vitality of customer engagement, not only how to conduct it but to establish the proper foundations for success.