Building a Business; Social Media

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Whether you’re a small, local business or a well-funded brand, everyone needs a good social media presence. It shows audiences that you’re established, professional and active, which is good if they have any questions and want to reach you directly. It can be tricky to fully engage your audience, but luckily, there are steps you can take to establish a connection as well as a marketing campaign.

Here at Humana, we operate different brands online that work to complement each other and support businesses across the country. By developing a marketing plan, we are able to promote this on social media to attract clients and garner interest. For any business, a clear social media marketing strategy is essential to growth. Read our article below to see how you can establish one today.

Establish your Marketing Target Audience 

Before anything, you need to know who you’re targeting, or who your products or service is aimed at. This can help in the crafting of your posts, helping with tone of voice, images needed and Facebook advertising. Also, different types of consumers prefer different platforms. For example, young people tend to venture more to Instagram, whereas middle-aged people like Facebook. Look into your typical audience member, and play to their interests.

If you need social media help, our company Be My Social provides social media management and online marketing strategies to help you target the audience you need. By implementing Facebook advertising, we can help you appear to your target audience quickly and effectively. 

Introduce Yourself

Now you’ve set up a few social media platforms, it’s time to get posting. First things first, you need to introduce who you are, what you’re selling, and how you are needed in their lives. Start by talking about your brand in general, then move on to members of the team to create a more approachable atmosphere. Furthermore, talk about your products in detail, and use language that will attract audiences to your products.

Once you’ve conducted your market research, writing posts and engaging with your audience should be a breeze. You know them on the outside, but each person is different in how they’ll communicate with you. Some may just simply like your posts and move on, others will comment and try to be more involved. Make sure you answer comments professionally and friendly, which in turn builds up a healthy relationship.

Be Active

One of the most effective and important types of marketing out there includes online content marketing and social media presence. By having a schedule in place for making posts, you can let your audience know you’re active and open for business. There’s nothing worse than a social media account that’s not active. It deters people and is bad for business. Make sure you’re like clockwork with your posts, and always engage with your audience.

Here at Humana, we’re proud to support different brands online, and by aiding their marketing and communications, we can help build their custom and online engagement. For more information on how we operate and what we do, please get in touch with us here.