Be My Social’s Partnership with TEDxDoncaster

tedxdoncaster business cards

A few months ago, our digital marketing brand “Be My Social” joined forces with the Doncaster branch of TEDx to design their new website and operate their social media. Now, their bespoke site is ready to launch, with Be My Social taking pride of place as their top sponsor.

How Humana Helped

TEDxDoncaster came to us in need of a website, SEO and social media management. As always, Be My Social went above and beyond, providing not only these services but excellent graphic design in order to enhance their brand appeal and get people talking.

Our social media services have increased engagement and followers significantly, with all posts following the same brand guidelines in order to appear more recognisable to a wider audience. We designed a range of social media templates for posts of all kinds, including simple images and images with text. All content relates directly to the TED brand, including topics of talks and important discussions we all need to be involved in right now. 

We also crafted a brand-new website completely from scratch which, like the social media posts, followed specific brand guidelines that fit perfectly with who TED are. With pages such as “About Us,” “Upcoming Events” and “Our Sponsors,” we ensured that the website was easy to navigate, was concise and allowed visitors to find exactly what they needed as effectively and efficiently as possible. We included “Get Involved” in case anyone interested in volunteering, speaking or attending an event has a direct place to go.

As lead sponsors, “Be My Social” are thrilled and humbled to support such an important organisation. Here at Humana, we always stress the importance of local economic development and growth, and by joining forces with TEDxDoncaster, we can not only achieve this but inspire and educate the local community too. We’re excited to see how the brand thrives, and we can’t wait to attend some talks ourselves!