Social Media Can Make or Break Your Company

Social Media Can Make or Break Your Company

Business and social media go hand in hand.

Establishing a range of social network identities is now a necessity for a business’s success. 

However, over the course of time, we have seen huge PR disasters for some of the world’s biggest companies, all at the hands of a simple post.

This proves the influence and the power that social media platforms have over both the organisation and the consumer.

There is a formula for using social media for business purposes. Social media generates an abundance of success but there are times when the boat is pushed too far and when things don’t go as planned, they tend to crash and burn.

Here at Humana Limited, we understand the benefits of social media channels and that there are specific components that make up individual algorithms for each platform.

Maintain Positive Thinking and Professionalism

One of the toughest aspects of social media and one of the areas that raise a lot of issues is the difficulty to detect tone. Since the majority of content found on social media features some form of textbase; it is commonplace to misunderstand the point of view portrayed by users.

This is why it is essential to remain positive in each scenario in order to avoid backlash online. Sticking by the facts usually provides a solid foundation when posting online because it gives you a catalogue of information, allowing you to remain objective.

Protect and Enhance Your Online Reputation

Maintaining a digital marketing strategy takes manpower and tireless effort to keep on top. The demand to remain active, relevant and innovative comes with its challenges. This pressure allows room for mistakes or times when the marketing team pushes the boundaries of what is accepted online. 

Inappropriate posts, airing of issues across social media or poor responses to customer queries can all damage a brand’s reputation.

To prevent these scenarios from unfolding, it is essential to have enough staff to cover the demand for content and constantly monitor each post that goes out across each account.

React to any Issues ASAP

The longer you leave a problem, the worse it gets. Any discrepancies that are raised online should be dealt with promptly and professionally. Brands with dedicated teams should be monitoring in real-time and actively searching at least daily; if not more often for new and ongoing problems that relate back to the organization.

Consider External Support

Here at Humana, we pride ourselves on upholding, promoting and enhancing our client’s online presence. We are committed to assisting businesses with all of their social media management and digital marketing requirements.

If your business or organisation needs marketing support then visit us at Be My Social where we can handle any enquiries.