Do Traineeships Improve Your Employment Prospects?

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Simply put, yes. Your employment prospects will be improved by traineeships. This is due to the fact that it demonstrates your level of commitment to your field by demonstrating that you make an effort to learn about it and absorb other people’s expertise. In addition to helping you expand your network of contacts and gain expertise in your field, traineeships have a number of other advantages.

What Is A Traineeship?

The structured training arrangements known as apprenticeships and traineeships combine employment and study to prepare individuals for a career in a trade or occupation.

What Are The Benefits Of A Traineeship?

Here is a list of just a few of the many benefits of being a trainee.

  • Earn while you learn. Traineeships combine paid work and training, allowing you to make money while finishing your nationally recognised qualification. You gain from working in a field that interests you and have the chance to acquire the abilities and information required for your desired profession in a genuine, useful environment.
  • Flexibility. There is no predetermined amount of time allotted for training in apprenticeships and traineeships; they can be completed either full- or part-time. Because training is competency-based, it ends once you have attained the required level of proficiency.
  • Everything is sorted for you. You don’t have to worry about the technicalities because the company will take care of things like your uniform and where you are located. They would fix anything that went wrong for you as well.
  • You can showcase your skills. If a potential employer is interested in hiring you, they will consider how you behaved and the work you produced during your traineeship to determine whether you would be a good fit for their business. 

Does Completing A Traineeship Improve Your Chances Of Employment?

In short, yes. Depending on how well you have performed at the company, traineeships typically last between nine and twenty-four months. A recent 2022 study revealed that 85% of trainees and apprentices stay in employment, with 64% of these continue working with the same employer. This is due to the fact that demonstrating your abilities, character, and attitude toward work while completing your traineeship will give your employer an idea of who you are as a potential full-time employee. Additionally, according to research, 33% of employers have witnessed apprentices advance to management positions in less than 5 years.

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