Digital Marketing Agency Vs In-House Marketers

A Digital marketing agency at work.

The requirements of your company along with the size and resources on offer will all determine whether an outsourced digital marketing agency or an in-house workforce would be the best fit for your business.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of choosing an external team over internal marketing teams.

Digital Marketing Agencies are Cost-Effective

Hiring a team of experienced marketing professionals to construct a team of internal staff can cost businesses hundreds of thousands each year. Maintaining workers that possess the qualities needed in digital marketing does not come cheap, especially when you include employee benefits, holidays and sick days.

Marketing agencies, on the other hand, are all bills included. Once an initial fee is agreed upon, you don’t have to worry about paying extra staffing costs. Another silver lining is that marketing agencies are equipped with staff of the highest professional value. Same, if not better standard of work, less money.

What Can a Digital Marketing Agency Do For You?

Modern-day marketing firms have an extensive list of services you can choose from, each with its own benefits. Hiring external support gives you access to search engine optimisation (SEO) experts, social media specialists, graphic designers, web designers and in our case, a sales team and photography/videography services.

Sourcing individuals that carry all of these skills would certainly prove to be a difficult task and nonetheless, a time-consuming one. 

If your company has the commercial strength to conduct an extensive hiring process and proper training sessions then internal marketing could be a good option. Taking the time to source the right people for your team can prove beneficial in the sense that a small team of correct professionals can achieve stellar results, just as an external team would.

As you can imagine, sourcing an external team would skip out the hassle of interviewing countless candidates amongst all the other stresses involved with hiring processes.

Accessing the Very Best Resources

The best results at a digital marketing agency are driven by a solid foundation of up-to-date technologies and software in which marketers operate. 

Adobe’s creative suite including Photoshop, Premiere Pro and Illustrator are all used by marketing professionals. In addition to creative software, digital marketing agencies have access to premium online services that give companies a strategic advantage over competitors that don’t have the same resources.

All these options are available to purchase, but that is where it can deter a lot of businesses from taking that plunge. Owning the tools that agency staff have is an incredibly expensive feature but the flexibility of your company’s budget will have the final say.

Staying Relevant, Automatically

As well as keeping up to date with day-to-day internal operations, marketers are then expected to constantly stay on top of the trends bursting onto the scene. For internal teams, this can prove to be strenuous and in some cases, impossible. The workload is a huge weight to take on.

Digital marketing agencies know current trends like the back of their hand as if they wrote the instruction manual. Staying relevant is paramount and if you work for a marketing firm you’ll agree. 

Agency staff are constantly monitoring any changes to the industry, keeping one eye on current events in the process. This is all done without charging you for their time, so all of a sudden, your brand is following the current trends without you batting an eyelid.

It Helps to Have a Second Opinion

It’s easy to bury your head in the sand at work, opting to stick to what you know without a second opinion can become detrimental to your productivity, creativity and enjoyment for the work you produce.

Enlisting the help of an agency will give you access to a variety of new opinions; all with the intention of growing your business. This way, you’re constantly bouncing new ideas around so that the content strategies and marketing campaigns don’t become stale.


Luckily, it doesn’t need to be a ‘this or that’ choice. Most brands decide to hire at least one member of internal marketing; so that the company’s ideals are being upheld by the marketing agency.

Here at Humana, we pride ourselves on providing an excellent digital marketing service for all of our clients. We do this through our team of experts at Be My Social. If you require external marketing support or have additional questions about marketing service then don’t hesitate to get in touch.